LittleBigPlanet Karting - Gamescom Gameplay


A level on the Gamescom showfloor demo.

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Puddlejumper752256d ago

Sony fans should be happy. They'll soon have a Mario Kart rip off, Smash Bros rip off and an expensive but inferior Wii U clone to play around with.

Good times are ahead for Sony supporters,just sad Nintendo had to show them the way.

ChunkyLover532256d ago

Damn dude, relax a bit. There have been a ton of kart racing games in the past. Some were good and some were very, very bad. This one at least looks fun, I've played the beta and its a solid game.

user54670072256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Shame Sony/Microsoft had to show Nintendo the way when it comes to next gen HD gaming...the Wii U is, what....only 6 years late.

Smash Bros copied the outfoxies, people asked for a SSB styled Sony fighting game and Nintendo didn't create the kart racing genre.

As for the inferior Wii U Clone which I'm guessing your talking about the PSV....well thats just crazy talk...least when the PS4/Next box comes out they won't resort to a tablet control to try and sell their console with gimmicks.

Good day to you sir

coolbeans2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

". . .and Nintendo didn't create the kart racing genre."


Edit: Click "Last" on that list and you'll see Super Mario Kart is dated as the first kart racer.

user54670072256d ago

...even past those old retro arcade ones....I don't think so

coolbeans2256d ago

Did you notice terms similar to "pioneer" in these history lessons?

BitbyDeath2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

'Professional Go-Kart Simulator' came out in 1990, 2 years before the first Mario Kart.


coolbeans2256d ago

My mistake on my first edit with "first kart racer."

However, when it comes to correcting on "Nintendo didn't create the kart racing genre."

Create can also mean "give rise to something," which I was focusing on by quoting him and making him focus on the term "pioneer" in my 2nd reply.

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metsgaming2256d ago

omg someone made a game that is in the same genre as a nintendo game quick call it a rip off. Puppeteer is a platformer omg mario rip off.

MySwordIsHeavenly2256d ago

Sony fans should be happy. They'll soon have a game that's better than Mario Kart, a game that's much better than Smash Bros., and an expensive/superior Wii U clone that happened to come out a lot sooner than the Wii U, which makes the Wii U a clone.

Puddlejumper752256d ago

LOL Good old Sony fanBOYS. Proclaiming unreleased games as superior before ever playing them. Think Lair,Haze,LBP, and all the other games you kids proclaimed as superior yet failed would have taught you a lesson but no here you are still grasping for straws...
I wont bother to point out the ignorance of your last point. Wii U was shown long before any cross play was for Vita PS3 and I'm sorry but 720p limited game play is hardly superior to 1080p as usual though you like many Sony fans argue out of ignorance rather than knowledge.

Now suddenly 720p is superior to 1080p? Only a Sony fan would try to justify that.

Thanks all of you for giving me a great laugh. I really enjoy laughing at the clueless stupidity from you guys. The best part being that you all make yourself look so much dumber by trying to argue things you don't understand. By "superior" it should do more, not less and limited 720p is in no way superior to native 1080p

MySwordIsHeavenly2256d ago

I'm in both betas, actually. So, I actually KNOW they are better.

PSN - JacobIsHollywood (If you'd like to play them with me...)

Actually, cross-play was announced when the Vita was announced...which was before the Wii U was announced. Look it up.

thehusbo2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

All you seem to talk about is Sony and Sony fans. You must be feeling butthurt with all these new IP's and games Sony is releasing whilst u get the play the same mario game every day. Chin up ye?

Outside_ofthe_Box2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Your blinded hate for anything Sony amazes me.

How is LBK a Mario Kart rip-off? Is because it's a karting game? Is Sony or any developer for the matter not allowed to make a karting game or something? The funny thing about this is that Sega All-Stars racing is more of a Mario Kart rip-off than LBK ever will be, BUT we will never see blinded haters like you ever call it a rip-off, why? Because it isn't PlayStion exclusive.

Wii U Clone? Last I checked the Wii U has yet to release while the Vita is already out. But that doesn't matter to you. You'll say anything to praise Nintendo and bash Sony like you always do.

I bet you think the Wii has superior hardware to the PS3 lol.

DigitalRaptor2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

And the bubbles go pop.

So much hate flows through this one. I can understand if you hate a bunch of fanboys, but it seems like hating on ALL of Sony's games (as if that de-validates them in any way) is a regular occurrence for you.

Yep, a Mario Kart rip off.. what were you expecting from another kart racer? Innovative, play. create.share functionality that takes the genre further than Nintendo has bothered to for years? Oh wait...

A Smash Bros clone too, yep, even though where it matters most (the actual nitty gritty gameplay) is completely different.

What's even funnier about your trolling is that those 2 excellent looking multiplayer based games are not even close to the only things Sony fans will have to play exclusively. The Last of Us: let me guess, uninspired third person zombie shooter with generic story? God of War Ascension: let me guess, exactly the same as GoW3, right? Ni no Kuni: don't even bother. Beyond: let me guess, boring QTE fest with nothing good to offer?

That isn't even close to everything either, but tell me, am I close to your judgements of games you've not played nor ever will?

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CrustifiedDibbs2256d ago

this game should be fun. lbp is my favorite ps exclusive.

SolidDuck2256d ago

Wow a Nintendo fan with a pulse. I guess the last six years of SD gaming, entering friend codes, having trash for 3rd party support, thinking about games u couldn't play like uncharted, skyrim, gears, halo, and so on, while u played your 15th Mario themed game, got ya nice and pissed. Well get used to it. The Wii u will be behind the times once again. And just cause the wii sold well cause it was cheap and soccer moms bought it, doesn't mean it wasn't a Gen behind like it was. Nintendo fans get used to the fact that the future is with either Ms or Sony, not your inferior product.

Omar912256d ago

this game looks fantastic. I always loved LBP but im just not a creative guy therefore I miss out on a huge portion of the game in thats the level editor. I wish I can make levels like this but I really do suck lol. I might buy this though because it looks awesome