Big Three Quarterly Shipment Progress Update

Sony just announced its Q3 results for PS3 hardware shipments worldwide. In the quarter, which runs from October to December 2007, Sony shipped 4.9 million PS3s to retail. That compares to 4.3 million Xbox 360s shipped worldwide during the same time frame. Nintendo shipped 6.96 million Wiis worldwide in the same quarter.

VG Chartz compares the lifetime shipment totals for the big three since all the consoles were available. All numbers are in millions, and the numbers are lifetime-to-date shipment to retail figures worldwide.

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HarryEtTubMan4370d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

The LAGbox is weak.

Lord Anubis4370d ago

PS3 is catching up way too fast. I can almost see PS3 surpassing X360 sales by the end of this year.

AngryHippo4370d ago

....the PS3 overtaking the 360 in install base anytime soon. But the fact that the PS3 is outselling the 360 in worldwide sales albeit a very small margin, it will eventually catch up. I can see PS3 sales picking up though throughout the year when Sony's heavy hitters hit the shelves.

power of Green 4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

Wii's shipments and demand is what you should be impressed with. The other two companies shipments are so close one could say one company doesn't wan't too many consoles laying around retailers vs the other.

A price drop and a few games will cancel out the current" less then 20k a week edge(80k a month). lol

Once the 360 is around $200 it won't matter what games are out. It will be hard for Sony to compete with the mass market bargon shoppers waiting to mass adopt.

Boink4370d ago

not happening.

unless for some crazy reason MS sells none this year, and sony sells 10 million. and with their downgraded forecast, I don't see that happening.

INehalemEXI4370d ago

Im impressed with sony's PS3. How many consoles have succeeded when launched at such a high price point initialy?

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PSWe604370d ago

Microsoft in third place

X-Box 360 comes in last

360 bringing up the rear

shine13964370d ago

he's done it differently this time...good analysis..

shine13964370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

'that means PS3 - despite the staggered launch and higher pricing outpaced Xbox 360 shipments worldwide through five quarters. Both pale in comparison to Wii though - as Nintendo shipped 20.13 million Wiis worldwide through five quarters.'

Go three console generation go..

Commentator 1:And the 360 is out first and breaks the 10 million post without sweat...
Commentator 2What's this Ps3, slow start again for the third generation in a row.
Commentator 1: That's no problem for the wii though, it's hot on the heels of the 360...
some time later,
Commentator 1:the wii just sprinted past the 20 million mark...woah when did It pass the x360..
Commentator 2:It's now a battle for second place...
commentator 1:the 360 must be feeling comfortable with the huge lead it has
Commentator2:yes but it keeps going to the pit stops..
Commentator1:the ps3 has just gone round the european corner, and would you look at that it's gone from walking to slight jogging.
Commentator2:it's got momentum on its back's got a great coaching staff behind it and they've got full confidence in it
Commentator1: Looks like the blu ray fans are coming in thick and fast now.
Commentator2:the x360 does have its fans among the critics
Commentator1: and they do have the all american dollar backing it right up.
commentator2: however you put it, the ps3 is catching up, slowly but surely..
Commentator1: I don't know about that, but the wii is still sprinting, you think it can keep it up
Commentator2: I've been wrong so far about it. So now I don't even count it in the running..

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The story is too old to be commented.