The Big Problem with 3D in Gaming

3D gaming is something that is always a hot topic of debate. Many of the heated arguments about the subject always involve the state and necessity of 3D gaming to the industry. The general consensus is that 3D in gaming has not reached a point in creative execution or application that has made it a significant impact on the games we play. This is mainly due to a number of reasons that have prevented 3D gaming from becoming hugely popular with the general public or having added something significant to the experience we get from the games we all play. With all the commercialization of such products like the 3DS, 3D displaying tvs, and games that have options to display in 3D; it is necessary to know and understand the real issues behind 3D gaming's stagnation and why 3D gaming is not where it needs to be in the games industry.

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ChunkyLover532352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Right now using 3-D in games lowers the frame rate, and sometimes the games that use 3-D already have a lousy 30fps, 3-D takes them down to like 15fps.

Also, glasses suck, people who wear glasses don't want to wear glasses over glasses, and it gives a lot of people a headache with even 20 or 30 minutes of use.

Lastly, they throw it in on games and movies that don't need it in the least, it gains nothing. So its a waste of money.

RXL2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )


it boils down to 1 thing..

the price..

if it's too expensive (relative to the consumers needs) then no one is gonna buy it except a few willing to take the leap and with the extra cash to toss around..

hell..Blu-rays were selling for sometimes double a regular dvd's price..

now they're just as cheap as regular dvd's all within a matter of years...

iamnsuperman2352d ago

I think it is two reasons. Price is one and the other is hardware limitations. Processing 3D is very tasking at the moment

DA_SHREDDER2352d ago

As an owner of both active and passive 3D, 3DS, and everything in between, What I learned is the technology gets better over time. I really wished I waited. The price has never been bad, what I paid for my LG 5600 they are now selling the Google version that does everything, including even better looking 3D. All 3D is not equal. Still waiting for CES to hear more about Ultra-D. That's next best thing to holographic tv's.

TMpiggyBANK2352d ago

I think 3D gaming can be something amazing, but I feel that the support of 3D gaming is near its end. When the next gen consoles come out and Microsoft offers the next step beyond regular 3D gaming making your room augmented reality via the X-ban glasses there will be no need for such a primitive feature.

Anon19742352d ago

I'm really surprised to see this article. Everything I've read seems to reinforce the notion that 3D gaming is excellent. You read the professional reviews of games like Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Motostorm, Batman AC, Crysis 2, even 3d redos of old games like ICO - it's just rave reviews after rave reviews for the impact that 3d has on these games. MSXboxWorld even said of the last Assassin's creed, "There is an obvious dip in quality, but overall the added depth 3D provides is well worth making the concession."

Did you hear that? Even with a noticeable drop in visual quality in this particular title, they think the 3d more than makes up for it. In fact, the more and more I read reviews of the 3d use in current games, the more I wonder just what this article is basing it's assumptions on. Where are the 3d detractors? They certainly don't seem to be among the majority of professional game reviewers. I know when I go back and watch movies like Avatar or the last Harry Potter in 2d after experiencing them in 3d, I just can't get over how diminished my enjoyment of those films are compared to my 3d viewing experience. Personally, I'm waiting for the 3d projects to go down in price as I'm not ready to replace my 92" screen yet in favor of 3d, but I can't wait to do all my gaming in 3d.
And please, glasses less 3d? There are so many limitations to that tech, it's not funny. If you prefer half assed 3d like what the 3ds has or what any of those glasses-less displays offer, be my guest. I, for one, want my 3d with things popping out of the screen at me and if it means putting on a pair of glasses, that's not an issue. If you think 3D is a gimmick, try walking around with an eyepatch on for a couple of days. 3D is the holy grail of gaming, as far as I'm concerned. It's as big a deal as when TV's first went color, and interestingly enough - color TV's were initially criticized as well and took time to catch on. Same thing happened with HD.

IRetrouk2352d ago

Finally someone who seems to understand how great it can be, I have a 50" Panasonic active 3d set, even converts standard 2d to 3d, both movies and games benefit from 3d when done right, I have played most of my games in 3d now and I have to say that something feels lost when I dont have 3d on, I even played pgr4 with the convert option, wasn't as sharp as say gt or gears 3 but it still added depth to the tracks I didnt really see with 2d. 3d is only going to get better, I can't wait to see what they do with it next, oh and the glasses are fine, light and spacious enough even when I wear my glasses underneath, don't let the haters make your mind up for you, try it, plenty of places do demos, give it about 5 or 10 mins for your eyes to adjust then try a game or watch some movie clips.