Vigil Games responds to Xander Davis accusations

DSOGaming writes: "Vigil Games was quick enough to respond and issued a statement a couple of hours ago. According to Vigil’s statement, Davis was employed for 90 days, on a game that took over 2 years to develop."

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PopRocks3592308d ago

I think I'm leaning more toward Vigil on this one. This Xander Davis guy came off as outlandish and unprofessional. He hardly made a case for himself.

Overall, I don't think it's possible for anyone to really know unless they work there. All I can take from this is that Darksiders II looks pretty cool and Xander Davis comes off as a douche.

The Meerkat2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Who'd employ him now after going public like he did?

He should just have stuck Darksiders 2 on his CV and kept his mouth shut.

Lord_Sloth2307d ago

But that would have been smart. Something he obviously is not.

Kin23g2307d ago

I thing keeping his mouth shut is worse(if he's saying the truth) but he could have handled it better.

Mounce2306d ago

Well, apparently he was some random guy who was hired to be on the team, wasn't there for long(Just 90 days) and he was fired for being a douche or by all means 'Poor Performance' could mean a lot of thing, laziness, bad attitude, uncooperative, late to work a lot of times and/or incompetent. His attitude isn't winning him favors for sure, he was Fired, he wasn't one of the unfortunate to be let go due to the downsizing. What work he possibly had done on the game if a lot within the 90 days more than likely could've been mere concepts to boot, and have been overidden with what the final is today.

I'd highly doubt THQ, being around for as long as they have, would have discriminatory problems with staff like say, with the whole Team Bondi thing of 'grueling/cruel employment'. This person in question, just sounds like a whiner who wants credit for Being there.

Unwarranted Self-importance in other words.

Adolph Fitler2307d ago

Good to see Vigil fire back.
This prawn with I must admit cool name, Xander, seems like an attention whore & scumbag.

If they were as horrible to work for as he whines, & they made him work overly long hours with a gimp standing behind him threatening sexual rape & torture if he doesn't do his job, I mean, sarcasm aside.....this guy should have left if he found working conditions that bad, instead he waited to be sacked, then came out of the woodwork with a big mouth & a small brain.

Xperia_ion2307d ago

Xander is a cool name ? Sounds like a wegie magnet to me.

InTheLab2307d ago

Hehe...especially since people named Xander ignore the much cooler Alex or Lex part of their names.

cleft52307d ago

Sounds like to me Vigil is saying they fired his ass for poor performance. Oh man, I get the feeling this dude is going to be raked over coals when it is all said and done. Also, when a major company says you are lying it is not just a random statement. That statement can and does have legal ramifications, meaning that they can sue the hell out of this guy for slander. Making a statement like that also means he could sue them for lying on him, him being Xander.

Something tells me a multimillion dollar company would consult a lawyer before issuing any statement like this, meaning Xander better back down before they sue his ass for slander.

Haha1232307d ago

He must have got fired for good reason

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