Lost Odyssey previewed by Xbox World 360

Xbox World 360 went hands on with Mistwalker's latest Japan-smashing RPG:

"We're just a little disappointed, to be honest. Kaim Argonar, the star of Lost Odyssey, is an immortal. And yet, if you and your party are defeated in combat, then it's still game over. And there we were, secretly hoping for a game that would turn the Japanese RPG format on its head. Nope; quite the opposite, in fact. This is as much a traditional J-RPG outing as Blue Dragon. But, with that expectation junked and dusted, Lost Odyssey is simply four (yep, FOUR) discs of sweet prospect."

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predator4374d ago

great preview, i really look forward to this game.

Zhuk4374d ago

I can't wait to pick up my preorder, the extra DLC was a nice little bonus, the whole premise and storyline behind Lost Odyssey has me hooked

Zhuk4374d ago

This is going to be a fantastic addition to the Xbox 360s AAA lineup, Lost Odyssey is another classic game from the mind of Hironobu Sakaguchi who has taken the power of the Xbox 360 and harnessed its potential to truly create something special.

Quite possibly the best JRPG this year? I think its a serious contender

MrWonderful4374d ago

If for some reason Final Fantasy 13 makes it out this year then this game will be left behind. But since i have mad love for JRPGS this is a must buy for me. the story does sound great

PumPum4374d ago

But this will never become a classic.

mullet4374d ago

Mediocre reviews. Lol. Sakaguchi isn't what he used to be. Lost Odyssey flopped big time.

socomnick4374d ago

mullet Open zone ---------->

ruibing4374d ago

If we put the platforms aside for a moment and just look at JRPGs, there are a few contenders. I don't care much for western RPGs, so the list is follows:

Lost Odyssey
Last Remnant (What happened to it? I haven't heard anything for awhile)
White Knight Story
FFXIII (Depends on if it comes out by the end of this year)

lonestarmt4374d ago

It could be, but its still way to early to say. lol You still have crisis core, disgea 3, and white knight story, which for me, I'm almost more exicted about WKS than FF13 since its so far away

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4374d ago

everytime i hear that it makes me cringe.

kewlkat0074374d ago

knowing it won't be out here in NA in 2008. I can't imagine other parts of the world, when they will get it.

70% done with Eternal Sonata, and this is my next Jrpg.

FF this, FF that. FF is not the only Jrpg that deserves play. Again off topic, but this game is as old-school, as it gets.

Luv my random/turn-based battle and the story seems interesting. As a Non "Only" FF Jrpg gamer, I'm getting this. FF13 will have it's time and day.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

how`s that? cause it was suppose to come out in 2007.

I don`t know what would lead anyone to believe that it`s NOT coming out in 2008.

GOW3 on the other hand probaly won`t be out till 2009.

kewlkat0074374d ago

I mean I waited almost 1 Year for FFXII after it came out in Japan, and I think Europe waited an Extra 6 months after that.

Seeing how Square wasn't too sure about Sony and their User-Base in Japan, it will all comes down to the Japan release date I guess. If Japan gets it in Summer, Maybe in December NA gets it. If Fall 08 for Japan, forget it.

Look at the history of release dates of FF's.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4374d ago

if it`s not out by FALL in JAPAN it won`t be here.

this is just a guess but.......

it might have a worldwide release date.(like MGS4)

also, i just realized.............

i don`t even care if it`s out in 2008, i forgot about WKS.(tintin reminded me)

w/ FF13 i think we should find out soon when we can expect it.

BTW, how ETERNAL SONATA i`m think of buying it, is it a buy?

meepmoopmeep4374d ago

yeah, i would like to know of any Eternal Sonata release date for the PS3 as well.. i'm definitely getting it

kewlkat0074374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

Eternal Sonata, is refreshing.

The Musical Score is great..

The battle system while resembling some past RPG, it does it a little different. It's turn-based/Button smashing. Unlike FF12 which is real-time and Kingdom Hearts which is real-time Button smasher.

The story is good and the game look awesome.

Somewhat linear like most RPG's but I'm enjoying it. I skipped "Blue Dragon"(I'll get it later) for this game since beating "Enchanted Arms".

YEAH BUY IT. If your into Jrpgs.

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The story is too old to be commented.