'Brain Age' Creator is Freaking Crazy

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, the man behind the popular Brain Age games for the DS, is a pretty strange dude. He refuses to accept any of the $11 million in royalties he's entitled from his involvement in the games, and he doesn't even really like videogames in the first place. All he wants to do in life is work. What a nutjob!

While it certainly is admirable that the good doctor is so obsessed with his work (he studies brains - big surprise), you'd think there would be some room left for fun. Well, you'd be wrong. Dr. Kawashima lists "work" as his only hobby.

He doesn't even play his own games, and limits his kids to a mere 1 hour of videogame playtime per week. Per week!

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Twizlex4371d ago

Wow, that guy does sound a little... off.

Iron Man 24371d ago

Nah he's not crazy,he's an idiot!;)

rofldings4371d ago

I'll take your 11 million dollars :(

Rocko4371d ago

Way to throw away your family's financial security. So many things that money could pay for.

rofldings4371d ago

Seriously, why leave that money with NINTENDO? At least take it and donate it to charity if you're against making money off video games or something :/

eclipsegryph4371d ago

Now neither you nor I know of this person's financial status before or after the release of brain age, but I highly doubt that the good doctor is wanting for money. To me, this is a very noble thing to do.

So I guess in short - if he needs the money and isn't taking it then he's got some mental issues; au contraire, if he doesn't need the money and isn't taking it, then his mental state isn't really in question.

bootsielon4371d ago

I was waiting specifically for you to make a comment like that, especially in the gamer zone.

antoinetm4371d ago

agree with my 2.2 bro!

He has his own reasons and those are probably more articulated than many opinions given on this site.

But that's when you realize that people (myself included to a certain degree) are slave to money.

Rocko4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

Ok moron, describe it so it doesn't sound retarded. He could do a LOT of things with it, even donate to charity like rofldings suggested.

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eclipsegryph4371d ago

I don't really see why people would classify this action as "crazy", unless the good doctor really was in need of the money. If he doesn't need it... well then, he doesn't need it! Is that something I could do? Probably not... hell, I could use all of the money I can get right now.

I also admire this man's dedication to his job - it's inspiring. Certainly not something that everyone should be doing, though, but I think that it's good to see someone who truly enjoys what he does and wants to do it to the best of his abilities. It's sad to say, but that sort of work ethic appears to be disappearing in American culture these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.