MLB 08: The Show Preview

IGN writes:
Last year, Sony delivered their highly anticipated baseball franchise to the PS3 later than expected. The title released 45 days after Opening Day 2007, and unfortunately, it didn't impress. The game felt more like a port than a title that took advantage of the PS3's power. Seeking to reverse this problem, SCE Studios San Diego spent time revamping just about every facet of the PS3 game. The result? MLB 08: The Show could be one of the deepest sports titles that SCEA has ever made. Are you ready to go to The Show?

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PR_FROM_OHIO4821d ago

This game is looking real good!

SuperTanker4821d ago

I didn't pick up MLB 07, but I've put 08 on my "must have" list. The gameplay videos for this game look fantastic.