FFXI Team Responds to Hacking Problems

Square Enix's long-running MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI, had recently seen a decent number of subscribers have their accounts hacked, due to key-logging programs unknowingly embedded in various fansites, like popular FFXI info destination Shortly after player accounts started getting hacked, 1UP received a large number of e-mails requesting that 1UP use their relationship with the FFXI development team to get the answers that the usual vanilla Playonline blanket statement wouldn't provide. It took them a little while, as the people who could provide 1UP with these answers were busy flying around the world to discuss these very matters, but Sage Sundi, Square Enix's Global Online Prodcuer, and Yasu Kurosawa, Square Enix's North American Online Producer finally took a moment to answer the questions and address the concerns that are on every Final Fantasy XI player's mind.

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