Vision of Abyssea: A tour with the Final Fantasy XI team [Examiner]

At the end of June, a new Battle Area Add-on, Vision of Abyssea, was released for Final Fantasy XI. Making the bold decision to raise the level cap (starting with a lift to 80 in this add-on), the content update offers new ways for players to explore the FFXI world while working toward new goals.

Examiner had a chance to take a media tour of the new Add-on with the Final Fantasy XI development team.

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MMFGaming3190d ago

I haven't played Xi in a while --waiting for XIV!!!

CrAppleton3190d ago

I hope they get away from the streamlined approach they have in XIII

Neco5123190d ago

The story was alright in XIII, but the gameplay was seriously lacking

killyourfm3190d ago

Seriously...I thought FFXIII was awful, and I consider myself a FF fan.

Neco5123190d ago

It was decent, not great, but what else did it have going for it?

DaRockSays3190d ago

you're on crack, that story was wack

JoySticksFTW3190d ago

FFXIII story sucked with zero character development

And the villain was possibly the worst one yet.

But it's all opinion

I'm happy that FFXI is still going strong. I got into the FFXIV beta but my computer was not powerful enough to take advantage of it.

ah well.... Easy come, easy go

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CrAppleton3190d ago

Seriously! I can't wait for XIV!

DaRockSays3190d ago

it damn well better be better than 13 cuz that was terrible

MxShade3190d ago

It'd be nice to see XI players get some sort of bump, kudos, bonus for switching to XIV.

Neco5123190d ago

heck yeah it would! They might do something to try and get people to switch

Biggest3190d ago

They said the envision FFXI players having both a FFXI account and FFXIV account. They would probably appreciate having both sources of income. But only one from me.

Myst3190d ago

Have had this urge to jump back into XI...:/ Even though XIV is on the horizon.

dkgshiz3190d ago

I'm gonna go with DC Universe.

Spenok3190d ago

This new add-on REALLY makes me want to go back to XI. (even though i just quit ><) Not to mention FFXIV comes out in 2 months. I dont know what i want to do, i know ill quit XI as soon as XIV launches, but i want something to play before it comes out lol. Bah, damn you SE and you making me want to play your games!

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