9.0 Reviews Burnout Paradise

Well a thousand miles later comes a review of the next-gen version of the Burnout series and boy does it look great.

Small Excerpt

"Well it's finally here the Next-Gen version of the Burnout series, with all the love of crashing, speeding and using short cuts still intact. The game starts out first by giving you access to the full map from the beginning of the game, no seriously you can race around the entire game from the beginning without needing to unlock the rest of the map at all. At first you will start out with a rundown, beaten up old car and a Learner Permit, in order to get a better license you have to complete events. Now with every event you win and license you upgrade gives you access to better and better cars, some are delivered straight to your Junk Yard and others you have to shut down in order to use them"

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