Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements Achievements Revealed

The achievements for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements have been revealed. The game will feature 49 achievements for a grand total of 1000 points. Most of the single player achievements should be able to be achieved during the normal course of the game, and there are also quite a few multiplayer achievements to interest the true fans of the franchise. For the entire list of achievements, visit the link below.

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Charlie26884381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Those are some pretty good achievements and nothing out of the ordinary you wouldn't normally do on a normal playthru, but as far as I cans see it might take 2 playthrus to get them all (unless you want to multi skill and end up with a weak character at the end)

I think I would have gotten at least 600 of the points on my playthru with the PC version but some of those achievements sound as if they are tied to the 360 specific areas not found in the PC version

If this game proves to be bug free I would highly recommend this one to FPS fans or fans looking for some good old medieval violence and gore XD

Grown Folks Talk4381d ago

I would recommend everyone to achieve not buying this game. Rotten.

Krazie x360a4381d ago

Really? Is it that bad? I heard the graphics are kind of horrible, haven't done too much research on the game, but how's the gameplay?

Charlie26884381d ago

Krazie x360a: try the 360 demo or rent it

I for example bough it back at launch for the PC but didn't play it for a LONG time cuz v1.0 was almost un playable and it frustrated the HELL out of me to the point I thought the game was horrible, later on (almost a year later) I got both patches and after some testing I found that the game was actually pretty good and full with potential

remember I have no clue about the 360 version (or how it plays with a gamepad) of the game that is suppose to include extra parts and extra polish to make the game longer (on the PC is about 12-14 hours long)

the only thing I could mention about the gameplay is that it has probably the best melee combat found in a FPS kind of game with combos and bloody execution moves :D!