UGO Gamesblog: PixelJunk Monsters review

Desktop Tower Defense stole a lot of hearts, minds and hours this past year. The concept of the seemingly simple (and free) flash game was to build defensive towers to prevent an oncoming surge of enemies from making it across the level and into your base. Certain towers excelled at certain enemies, and spending cash upgrade the towers with more damage and abilities. In many ways, PixelJunk Monsters is a rehash of this concept, throwing a few curveballs into the mix to create an entertaining, and often ridiculously challenging, strategy experience for the PlayStation Network.

Review by Russell Frushtick.

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gamesblow4372d ago

This is an incredibly addicting game... I hate these types of games on the average. I mean, loath them too. Sim city, Rampart, Tower Defense... civilization. You name it, I hated it. This changed my mind completely and I wouldn't have even bought it (after Pixel junk racer) had I not had over 100 bucks sitting in my PSN wallet I never used last year. < Thought I was gonna be downloading all this stuff... boy was I wrong. That's the power of the PSN for ya. However, to its credit, they have had about 6 of the best down loadable games ever. So I'm not faulting them at all.

PJM is a blast! Buy it!

GamerMan4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

Yes I own it and yes if you played Desktop Tower Defense you should have a grasp of the concept but it's different.

1.) You have to position over a tree to build your tower. You start with the basic 3 towers:
----- Arrow
----- Cannon
----- Anti-Air Gun

2) Research. In order to get the other tower types in the game you have to use the gems that are dropped to buy the different tower types that will be advantageous for that level. They aren't given to you at the start of the level like Desktop Tower Defense

3) Upgrading. 2 ways really to upgrade your tower. Either by putting the gems you collect into upgrading the tower quickly or by standing around the tower and "dancing" the upgrade. Each method has it's pros and cons

4) The strategy is simialr to Desktop Tower Defense, that you need to have a well placed tower but getting the tower there is completely different. In that this isn't an open board and each one is defined. You have to move your guy to that position to build. Also you have to be near the coins/gems in order to get them. You don't automatically receive them

In case anyone is wondering the amount of "health" is 20. So the most you can let through to beat the level is 19 by the last wave. To get the perfect aka "rainbow" you must have all 20 left at the end of the level.

Some hints when selling your tower you get the same money back no matter what level grade it is but --
If tower is purple flag you get 1 gem back.
If tower is black flag you get 2 gems back.

If you wish to discuss strategy with me hit me up on the PSN. I will be glad to divuldge into some of the strategies that have worked and of course not worked for me. I need 2 more Rainbows to move onto the hard levels.

Hope this helps anyone interested in the game and anyone that enjoys a tough strategy will definitely like this game.
Casual players be warned this gets tougher once in the medium range but for 7.99 limited time you can't beat the gameplay vs cost.