15 Biggest WTF Moments in Video Games From The Current Generation

GR - "These mindblowing instances have the potential to define the player's experience of a game, and they happen very rarely."

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Karooo2262d ago

CoD scene totally shocked me. It came out of nowhere.

Campy da Camper2262d ago

For me is was Metal Gear 4 where the game says to switch discs. I panicked looking for a second disc!

RandomDude6552261d ago

The Metal Gear 4 ending...

From: Man, that was a beautiful here's some credits...who's that?


Still probably my game of the generation though.

CommonSense2261d ago

well, i didn't read the article at all since i would have had to click to a new page 16 times. for me, the end (or near it) of RDR was pretty shocking.

Blacktric2262d ago

Oh look its the queen of /b.

Mounce2261d ago

I swear she retired from the internet.... :L And told everyone that she's done it and is gone and is living a 'normal life' without internet, lol.

dvfaa2261d ago

she has new videos on her channel

MiamiACR212261d ago

dvfaa is right, she does have new videos on her channel. Some of her new videos go on and prove that when you apply the right amount of make-up (Two to three pounds, in her case) combined with enough eye liner to fill a 2 liter bottle, you can turn a genetic disaster into something you'd at least think twice about banging.

Harelgur2261d ago

shes an actor you know.
boxxy isnt real

majiebeast2262d ago

Terrible article i dont see multiplayer stuff as wtf moments and half the situations are from multiplayer. The fact that Infamous 1s ending isnt even in the list is just weird there were enough wtf moments in gaming without using shitty multiplayer videos.

iamnsuperman2262d ago

I think the article is titled horribly. It isn't really wtf but more of a collection of videos of funny things happening (well towards the end it is)

Summons752262d ago

"Infinite Undiscovery is a terrible game"

well that's all I needed to read to know whoever wrote this has no idea what they are talking about

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The story is too old to be commented.