Nintendo Considering Wii Balance Board Games

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto did give a few hints on future plans in an interview in the latest issue of Famitsu.

First, the Balance Wii Board, the peripheral that's included with Wii Fit. The magazine noted that Wii Fit has been quite the success story for Nintendo so far. To this, Miyamoto responded that if the game sees success overseas as well, Nintendo may end up releasing separate titles that make use of the peripheral.

The magazine also asked Miyamoto the inevitable question about sequels, and he gave the expected answer. In case you have to hear to to believe it, Miyamoto is indeed interested in making a Super Mario Galaxy sequel. He's also thinking about the next Zelda title.

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PS360WII4379d ago

With a million sold already after only being released in Japan I should say so.

coolfool4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

I was wondering if it was at all like a fitness balance board (a board with roller in the centre)? I guess it wouldn't be as difficult to use as one would it? Otherwise i can see people slipping off and then us reading stories like "Gamer puts head clean through TV, and it was even wall mounted!!!"

I would love a surfing game that requires your weight to be on the back of the board and to pivot your turns from there (again though, I am not sure how versitile this board is, see above paragraph).

Or a snowboarding game requiring precision toe to heel movements for all those SICK carves!

ITR4379d ago

Why not??? This thing is going to sell into the millions once it's released worldwide.

wiizy4379d ago

i hope that zelda sequel is already in development , along with a new actraiser

BlackIceJoe4379d ago

I thought this was a given. There is already third party members making games that work with this. So I am surprised Nintendo is just saying they may make games that use the Balance Board.

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