PSU: Nyko HDMI Vs Component Cables

PSU writes:

"As game developers start pushing the PlayStation 3's capabilities to the max you may start to wonder; what is the best way to watch these high-definition games? Assuming that you already have your HD television set, the question now is; should I use an HDMI cable or a component cable? The good folks over at Nyko were kind enough to send us their HDMI and component cables to test out and play with."

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rogimusprime4380d ago

it's off-topic. But what developer has pushed the PS3 to the max, or even came close?

athlon7704380d ago

I kid, I kid, you know, it was a joke because of the stuttering all the EA sport games seem to have. Get it? Geeze, my humor is wasted here!

dale14380d ago

ps3 as one of the best if not the best output signal from hdmi, cables are no problem over short distances but hardware signal outputs are

ZombiesNJ4380d ago

Always buy your cables online or at Wal-Mart...I bought 2 Phillips HDMI cables at Wal-Mart for 15 bucks a while back...they work just as good as the $100 cables...don't get suckered into buying those $100 monster cables from Circuit City!

tatical4380d ago

The Micro Center also has good deals from time to time. I got myself a 16 foot HDMI 1.3 cable for only $45 (they were on sale).

timmyp534380d ago

Dirt cheap(the best type of cheap).


bought sony hdmi cable 50 bucks ... i try not to use third party cables for my setup . dont know why thats just how i am .

DraconWolfX4380d ago

You got ripped off Tatical. sells a cable, more than likely better quality, for under $10. Monoprice is THE best site on the internet for cables. Heck, their Speaker cable which is normally $70 at BB/CC sells for $7.

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Biphter4380d ago

The biggest advantage of HDMI with PS3, the ability to turn on Full RGB and Super White. This improves the picture dramatically on a TV that can accept such a signal. If you have a fairly new HDMI port equipped TV and a PS3, don't even think about component.

titntin4380d ago

This is a very poor article. No measurements and not even any subjective comparisons, it asks itself a question and then fails to even attempt to find an answer.

For best possible fidelity from a digital source that doesn't need a long cable, HDMI is the only cable you should use.

A good quality HDMI cable should have gold plated connectors (they don't oxidise over time and degrade the connection), be well shielded to eliminate interference from other signals, and be capable of supporting the v1.3 bandwidth spec. A lot of cheap HDMI cables won't do this and will produce inferior results, but as long as they all meet the stated criteria, they will all give the best quality, so spending hundreds on an HDMI cable is not necessary. :)

Once signals enter the analogue realm however, cable choice and quality has an extremely important role in determining achieved fidelity and you can achieve better results from far better and more exotic cabling. Theres no comparison between and really decent IXOS RGB scart and a cheap one for instance - and I didn't spend more money than a PS3 on my speaker cable for its looks or for bragging rights. Cables for analogue signals are a big deal!

titntin4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

Yes mate, I did. Nearer $500, and that was for a short run, and bought at a bargin price - it would have cost a lot more otherwise! My Audio system cost many thousands, and I pay to achieve the best fidelity I can. Just my phono cable from the CD player to the AMP cost $400 too. In many ways I wish I couldn't hear the difference, as I'm not a rich man!
I do it with my video playback too - but its considerably cheaper to get serious quality with video equipment! I didn't need to spend much on an hdmi cable for instance! :)

gamesR4fun4380d ago

wow that must be some impressive sound m8
never used anything more than half decent speaker wire no complaints but Im not that big of an audiophile. If the sounds good clear and loud im happy.

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