Saw Announced

Scheduled for a release in October of 2009, the game will weave in and out of the Saw movie plotlines and will be an intricate collaboration between the development studio and the filmmakers. While this is really all the information IGN have on the title at the moment, they note that the game will be running on the Unreal III engine and will likely be released on PS3 and 360.

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Dark_Overlord5982d ago

If this is anything near as bad as the latest film I'm avoiding it like the plague,

Possibly by some miniscule chance (0.000000001) this game may actually be worth playing.

Then again thinking about it, anyone else reckon the BBFC will have a field day with this

Snoozer2825982d ago

I was about to say that. The rating standards agency are probably already rubbing their hands in glee.

mikeslemonade5982d ago

I'm excited for this game just as I am for the LOST game. There is gameplay mechanics in SAW movies to make it relevant for a game to be made. SAW 1 movie was like a game to me. Without spoiling it was about 2 guys stuck in a room working together trying find there way out while the jigsaw killer plays tricks. If that's not a game then what is? Now granted it is a licensed product but it should be a good rental.

cheetorb5982d ago

Talk about beating a dead, stupid, impotent, pointless, boring, lame, pathetic, worthless, generic, cliche, horse.

Wait, I shouldn't make fun of horses. Sorry horses.

Iron Man 25982d ago

I wanna play a game,the rules of the game are simple...

Anyways,I hope the game is just as good as the Saw movies;)

RecSpec5982d ago

I wonder if it will be a puzzle game, that would be interesting.

rogimusprime5982d ago

to see developers still have plenty of money to WASTE! I think the cash would be better spent going to strip club and making it rain.

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