Devil May Cry 4 Different Versions? Can't Tell!

Kotaku:When the multi-platform games first came out, there was a difference. In some cases, take Madden 08, the PS3 version didn't look so hot. It was evident that the PS3 version was an afterthought and that developers hadn't quite come to grips with the hardware differences. Games like Call of Duty 4 and the upcoming Devil May Cry 4 show that the gap is closing.

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zambrota4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

since ps3 version runs at 60 fps (not locked though) and sometimes dips to 45frames per second. This is why ps3 screens look blurry since it is impossible to capture something at 60fps with normal tech.

The x360 version is locked at 30fps.

a screenshot wont do since it is hard to capture something on HDMI.

I am looking forward to Gametrailers/IGN's video comparison

but anyway both versions looks almost equal visually barring the framerate differences

Skerj4377d ago

You're talking about cutscenes right? Because during gameplay both are at 60fps and I haven't seen framerate dips on either. It'd hurt combat if there were since the advanced techniques are frame dependant.

power of Green 4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Cutscenes I hear vary although you'd have to take what you hear on the web with a grain of salt as for myself I suck on salt packets reading info from the internet.

The first pics that came from PSU that showed some blurry PS3 pics were 720p. Game on, enjoy the game.

marionz4377d ago


i dont know who told you the 360 version is 30fps but you are quite mistaken, 360 version is also 60fps and it looks rock solid on my nice lcd tv!

Sevir044376d ago

seeing that the 360 is the easiest to develop for. and they had the framework engine up and goiung on the 360 from the get go. it's been optimized for both so they have no problem running at 60 frames. even with everything on screen the game barely even drops to below 55 frames. so you just sound like a fankid and if thats the case you should be posting in the other thread with all the other fankids.

on a side note, I just cracked with anticipation and downloaded the demo from the PSN...

ZOMG!!!! this Game rocks. DMC with a twist, The Devil Bringer is awesome. i kinda had doubts about it and what it brought to the game but man Nero Is really kick ass. I cant wait to play as Dante though He's just too cool. Nero though has alot of spunk, and the Boss fight with Berial... OMGosh that was awesome especially seeing him erupt in flames when you slam him... hot sh!t indeed. I cant wait. I've got the PS3 version on pre order completely purchased, simply because i own a PS3 and thats the way to Play a DMC game... and My DS3 was a blast the demo on.

great game DMC4 rocks, you xbox guys get to finally enjoy what we have been enjoying with out the cost of getting a PS3... Great Job Capcom you crafteed one hell of a Game ^^ it totally rocks though The PS3 version doesn't have screen tearing like the 360, this is just an awesome game on both platforms enjoy everyone

marionz4376d ago

what? 360 version DOES NOT have screen tearing!

im sorry if that sounds fanboyish but where do you get that information?
the 360 is the same version as the ps3 period, i could say the 360 version has better textures, but im not going to put unfounded information on the table

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Rattles4377d ago

360 = 30fps
ps3 = 60

can i have a link

zambrota4377d ago


Ps3 = 45~~60 fps

x360 = 30 fps (locked)

the ps3 version dips to 45fps sometimes.

I am ONE TESTER too at play-france (part time tester BTW)

jaja14344377d ago

No offense but saying your a Tester does not make you one anymore than saying I'm the President make the President. Not trying to call you a liar or start some silly feud, just some sort of actually evidence would be required before your statement should be taken with anything more than a grain of salt. Perhaps if you had a link?

That out of the way. Honestly anything above 25 FPS is good enough. 30 is usually the target because at normal playing speeds, anything above 30 is lost on our eyes. Kind of like how Madden look fine on the PS3 while playing at 30FPS, it was just when you slowed it down did you really notice the lack of 60FPS. But really, who cares what it looks like when it's slowed down. All that matters is how it looks while you are playing. That said, you still can't go wrong with a high FPS. :)

Skerj4377d ago

It's anything above 60 fps that is lost to your eyes, the difference between 30fps and 60fps is highly noticable. If the 30 is solid though it still looks smooth.

INehalemEXI4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Next-Gen Consoles should have a built in program like fraps, so you can always capture a screenshot to HDD, Record gameplay to HDD and display the frames per second whenever you want. Not enough memory this gen I guess.

zambrota4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

anything unorthodox like something running over 30+ fps is virtually impossible to be captured in realtime .

same goes to any video. Yes you can record video stream on HDMI with special ps3 SDK kit but still you might see some blurs /colour loss when something is recorded at an fps of 45/60.

Skerj4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

PS3 can do it natively as far as screenshots are concerned, developers have to implement it though. Resistance does it and so does fLow.

jaja14344377d ago

And also, who cares what the FPS is. As long as it look good/runs smoothly while your playing it. Does it matter if it 30,40,60, 100 billion?

Skerj4377d ago

Considering DMC3 ran at 60fps, in this case it matters. If it were locked at 30 with no framerate hitches whatsoever it wouldn't be a catastrophically bad thing as some of the moves require just frame input. Still, 60 looks smoother than 30 and for this game it's required.

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power of Green 4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Kotaku is saying the samething we already seen in the first pics from PSU but they were better quality that showed not only the PS3 pics being blurry but had detail missing with more jaggies. Truth be told.

Leave it alone Capcom has done a wonderful job working hard on the PS3 when other did not.

zambrota4377d ago

KOtaku isnt saying that.

Kotaku is saying that the ps3 version looks a little blurry since it was recorded at 60 fps .

as for detail missing did you even look at the pictures.

beyond3d is also claiming that ps3 version has motion blur

plus you have already seen this (ps3 version in HDMI )

POG you never mend your ways

barom4377d ago

PS3 vs X360 here

Since most of you can't stop speaking of the differences in this zone. Anyway a quick overview:

Screen tearing and loading

Initial install on hard drive and bluetooth issues that I dont quite understand

anh_duong4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

actually there is detailed post (in N4G) that says the blurriness is due to motion blur - an effect that the xbox version does not have. they also stated that the ps3 has better textures.

anyway, who cares they are both basically the same.

power of Green 4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Although I can't see what you're saying I'm going to base my opinion of the best comparison I'v seen.

I would have considered the first pics as fake but when dozens of multi console owners were posting that they agreed with the first pics everthing else is *face saving/saving face* so to speak.

I understand what Kotaku's saying in this post is appealing to you I wouldn't blame you as a hardcore PS fan but my mind is made up.

The game is so fast you can't see the difference the comparison whores sqeezzzzed out of those first pics' while the game is playing/moving/in-motion.

Come on bro you know if some other site had their own take on this subject and had a 10X close up that proved what you believe is wrong you would report this.

zambrota4377d ago

you could see the pics right above (ps3 version in HDMI)

How will dozens of ps3 owners say something when only only a specialized SDK can record HDMI videos and especially when it shoots to 60fps then only a dev might capture the true video footage

I am very disappointed that you havent mended ways .

4377d ago
Ghoul4377d ago

you wont stay long in this zone mate if you continue that behaviour

power of Green 4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

What the heck are you guy s talking about? I'm talking about the pics. The terms you're using to insult me and the senseless biased attatude against me is what needs to be in the open Zone.

*barom* seen that already talking about the PSU Comparisons and what many Multi platform onwing gamers have said. That 1up report was old and resubmitted with some editing as a new post providing feedback on which version gamers sould purchase.

LastDance4377d ago

Guys....leave POG alone...He's not attacking anyone his expressing his opinion and we are all even partially biase towards something.

He made an opinion..He didnt express it in any fanboy way.

Thats what this zone is about.

boodybandit4377d ago

Has some new rules been implemented in the pass few days that N4G are now enforcing? Are they going to start weeding out the ignorant trouble makers?

That would be sweet if it was true.

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