GRAW 2 - Co-op Collection Montage

Got what it takes to win? Lead by example in this downloadable content expansion available through Xbox Live.

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Dr Pepper4377d ago

Castle + Battlefield = Buy for me.

Maybe they can bring back the gameplay from the original GR as well.


Grown Folks Talk4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

it said Government District was going to be in it for co-op. I've already DLd it. They changed up some stuff as far as enemy routes & such. I think it would be cool if they did an anniversary collection of GR, GR:IT, GR 2, & GR:SS all updated with the Graw 2 engine. Full versions all in 1 pack. On a side note, if there are co-op missions in Conviction, i'm your man.

cannonsimp4377d ago

It just feels like this should of come out this past fall. cod4 is now out and I dont even play this anymore. and with the releases of BIA HH and Battlefield BC in the next few months. I think alot of people will pass on this. Plus i'm still saving my MS points for new cod4 maps!

jinn4377d ago

does anyone even still have this game?

TheXgamerLive4377d ago

This is still one of my fav's. I'm kinda surprised and happy that there releasing this.

looks great.