Fallout 3 Never Looked This Good - New Screenshots With ENBSeries Mod

DSOGaming writes: "It’s funny how the ENBSeries mods can - literally - transform a game. We’ve seen the amazing results of using such mods in GTA IV, we’ve seen them in Skyrim and it’s time now for Fallout: New Vegas (and Fallout 3) to get overhauled."

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Unztayble3039d ago

I love looking at all these ENB mods. The GTA ones were amazing. Then I saw the Skyrym ones, now these Fallout pics. I only wish I could see them running in person. I want to see more. These modders are very talented.

Felinox3039d ago

Bethesda should hire from the mod community. Please let Fallout 4 look like this on next gen...

Gorbenshore3039d ago

Wow. Spectacular screen shots

Yukicore3039d ago

Are all these ENB series from specific modder/company or they come from different people? Do they have a home page with all the mods? Looks superb, makes me wanna play Fallout 3 on PC

john23039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

The master-mind behind ENBSeries is Boris Vorontsov. He is the one creating the ENBSeries mods. However, every player can play with the settings and adjust them to their personal taste. For example, iCEnhancer mod is based on the ENBSeries mod for GTA IV (and Skyrim) but with 'icelaglace' personal settings. Here is the homepage for all ENBSeries mods: