Gamesradar: No More Heroes: The hidden plot revealed!

Gamesradar's David Houghton blows the lid on the messed up secret storyline at the end of No More Heroes.

[Spoiler warning: Under no circumstances read on if you haven't played right to the end of No More Heroes yet. Doing so will make you cry. We can virtually guarrantee it.]

Okay, so you've fought your way right through to the end of the game. You've marvelled at the crazy invention and lunatic imagination on show. You've been thrilled by the katana-swinging, bad guy-exploding action. You've grooved to the soundtrack, you've run that bike over more people than you can remember, and you've loved every last minute of it. Then you get to the last boss, expecting some kind of imminent resolution to the whole glorious, insane ride, and well... The end of No More Heroes throws a spanner the size of a T-rex's thigh bone into the works.

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INehalemEXI4375d ago

<- Is afraid of spoilers , yet tempted to watch.

PS360WII4375d ago

Ha cool was hoping someone would do that. Thought it might of been something like that.