Spanish Software Charts ( Week 3 ,2008)

01 (02) [NDS] More Brain Training from Dr. Kawashima (Nintendo)
02 (09) [WII] Big Brain Academy : Wii Degree (Nintendo)
03 (07) [PS3] Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft)
04 (06) [NDS] Dr Kawashima's Brain Training (Nintendo)
05 (03) [PS3] Uncharted : Drake's Fortune (SCE)
06 (01) [PS3] PES 2008 (Konami)
07 (__) [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo)
08 (10) [NDS] English Training (Nintendo)
09 (04) [PS2] PES 2008 (Konami)
10 (08) [NDS] New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)

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zambrota4738d ago

It has also moved up to no 10 on Danish charts apparently

SIX4738d ago

but in my opinion, it should do a lot better. Solid game. One of the best in 07.

Blademask4738d ago

Naughty Dog really worked their asses off,and it shows.

Kyur4ThePain4738d ago

Couldn't agree more with you.

barom4738d ago

and yet you didn't give him an "agree" lol, sorry just had to point out the irony

Kyur4ThePain4738d ago

OK, so now you both got an agree from me.

wiizy4738d ago

finally. spain is waking up.. buy the wii and more wii games and get with the program