IGN: Just Cause 2 First Look and Screens

Remember Just Cause? IGN loved its focus on hi-octane, adrenaline-fuelled, over-the-top antics. In a sea of same-old shooters, Eidos's free-roaming stunt-'em-up was a breath of fresh air, five thousand feet up or speeding across the waters of tropical paradise San Esperito. In terms of structure though, its uninspired roster of repetitive side-missions and an all-too-brief story mode left a sour taste for those hankering for something more than an enormous boys-own playground.

Now though, CIA black ops agent Rico Rodriguez is back in Just Cause 2. Several years on from events in the first game, Rico is on hiatus, soaking up the sun and sea in South America. His vacation's cut short though when old partner Maria Kane calls for Rico's assistance in tracking down and killing his friend and mentor Tom Sheldon, gone rogue and in hiding on the island of Panau, located in the Malay Archipelago.

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