The auto-smack talk, best live accesory ever

The pint-size accessory plugs into the headset jack at the bottom of the Xbox 360 controller and has its own headset jack to let gameplay proceed with the usual verbal repartee. It comes with five preset sounds ranging from an evil laugh to crowd applause, each with its own button, plus the option to replace those clips with custom sound bites.

The Smack Talk can accommodate five digital audio clips of up to five seconds in length, with all sounds stored on the device's Flash memory and saved even if a battery change is needed. The product runs on three AAA batteries and has an MSRP of $29.99. Keep an eye out: It will be available starting October at Best Buy, Circuit City, GameStop and EB Games, as well as on the Digital Innovations Web site.

movie one-liner ("Go ahead, make my day"), music clip ("We Are the Champions") or any other insult or sound effect plays in-game, as well as through your headset.

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JPomper6357d ago

Oh Jesus this sounds like the most annoying thing in the world in the hands of the wrong person.

FeralPhoenix6357d ago

it could be fun if used once or twice, but just wait 'til little Billy gets a hold of this thing!

Cyclonus6357d ago

who are unskilled in verbal combat. People don't need such contrivances; they need better insults.

I used to play 'the dozens' all the time back in high school, so I've got about 10,000 insults committed to memory....I can be a real BASTARD on Live- I never start sh*t talking online, but you better believe I'll finish it. ;)

Ravenator5296357d ago

Now every idiot who has one will flood the game with stupid sound effects!

They should just destroy these right now!

BIadestarX6356d ago

Man! only if XBox 360 could play against PS3 gamers online!

Chronical6356d ago

It could happend but they probably have some lag to deal with. LOL

Chronical6356d ago

I could hardly deal with the kids in Halo 2


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