Crunchyroll is the perfect anime app for PS3 users | Gaming Examiner

Crunchyroll is an anime-streaming service that has been supplying most of the top anime series from Japan and Asia for over five years now. Recently the company has partnered with Sony to offer PS3 users a chance to watch all of the anime and live-action series that the service has to offer, right on their television.

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-Mika-4137d ago

Wow great article. The launch of this app was kind of bad but it seemed like they fix most of the problems. I still experience a slight pause or stutter when watching some anime. Hopefully they fix that.

Anyway once my trail is over. Im definitely renewing my subscription.

Reibooi4137d ago

They are pretty good about fixing stuff quickly. For example I use the Vizio internet TV with Crunchyroll and at one point the subs on Occult Academy didn't work and I posted in the forums there and they fixed it in about a week.

I don't know if they have a similar thread on the site for the PS3 app but I would assume they do. If so go ahead and report the problems cause if they know about it they sort it out rather quickly.

Godmars2904137d ago

Just wondering, but is Crunchy Roll available on XBL or things like the iPhone/iPad/PC Tablets?

I mean its great the PS3 got the app, but it would be more of a benefit to CR that they reach as many people possible.

Though it should be noted that they're a former pirate streaming site that strong armed themselves into legitimacy.


yeah its on IOS you have to be on wifi though and I dont think its on 360. This is awesome Im going to watch some hunter x hunter

yewles14137d ago

Crunchyroll is available on XBL Zune.

nukeitall4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

There is also a Manga app with a lot off free anime if you are into that too on Xbox 360. I watched Macross Plus, I believe it was called, on it a while back.

rataranian4137d ago

this available for the US or not?

lodossrage4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

It's in on the NA PSN right now. And it comes with a 30 day free trial.

Don't try to register from Crunchyroll's official site because that trial is only like two weeks. So do it from the PSN app to get the full month

Dir_en_grey4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

I didn't sign up cuz it required registration.
But my questions is, I can watch Crunchyroll free with out signing up on the PC, but for PS3 can you watch it for free after the 30 day trial without paying? like keep watching for but just with commercials or something?

I was hoping it'd be like the youtube app for Vita where it just extends what could've been done on normal PC browser due no flash support since Cronchyroll is free on PC...

Not even gonna bother with the trial if it's just gonna be like netflix.

ThePsychoGamer4137d ago


Right now the app is only available for premium members, if if there other apps are any indication with in the year it should become available to free members with commercials.

lodossrage4137d ago

THAT I'm not totally sure on.

I guess I'll have to let my trial expire before I can tell you if the free version is available through the app. Personally, I doubt it.

But if not, at the very least, you can visit the crunchyroll site from the PS3's browser and use it from there free anyway.

rezzah4137d ago

Better to use it on your iphone.

easier to navigate through and if you don't get a subscription you can still watch older anime for free.


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Snookies1227d ago

Ehh, phone games... I very rarely have interest in one, and even when I do I usually uninstall it a week or two later.

jznrpg26d ago

Netflix has mobile games and no interest from me. Same here


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