The Next-Gen Battle Begins to take shape. (1up Editors TGS story)

1UP Editor Sam Kennedy raises some very important points in terms of PS3's price justification in his latest blog entry titled "The Next-Gen Battle Begins to Take Shape"

bilal6358d ago

editors at 1up.com said that (considering how biased they have been)....

uxo226358d ago

I thought this was an interesting article. However, it was laced with shameless bias. If you want to tell the truth about a console, and want to appear unbias, you cannot make comments like "I want a PS3 now so bad that I don't know what to do." or "The PS3 is definitely worth the 600 dollars"

A more objective approach would have been, "I was really impressed with the visual of the PS3, may just have to scrounge to 600 dollars and get me one."

I have never read anything that this person has written before. And therefore with an objective and "Unbias" opinion, I would have to say that this person is VERY BIAS for the PS3. But in the same breath, I can also say, he can like whatever he wants. Just spare us the Drool!

zypher6358d ago

cool read. i myself was deeply into Lost Odyssey; but after seeing it at TGS i just came away with this FF-clone impression...and if there's anything the rpg genre doesn't need is another FF-clone (Final Fantasy is a unique experience all its own). thats why Blue Dragon's so special. Blue Dragon looks good and has its own flavor: i'll definately get it once it launches. but save for it, and Lost Planet (which i already have the demo for) nothing else for the 360 at TGS wowed me. hopefully things will change in the next couple of days with X06, but as it stands TGS was all PS3...and where Sony failed at E306, and dug a deeper hole for themselves in the ensuing months, they DEFINATELY delivered at TGS. Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, DMC4, FFXIII, Lair, Virtua Fighter 5, Ninja Gaiden Sigma (yep, i already own it on my 360, and plan on repurchasing it on the PS3), GTHD, actual-game-play trailer of MGS4...and a sneak-gem called White Knight Story all looked fantastic. given Sam's slamming of Sony in the past, i can only take to heart what he's said about the PS3 now as a valid point.

Cyclonus6358d ago

And "the Truth"= Elmer F.U.D.

Ravenator5296358d ago

First off he speaks about how they have been accused of being biased on many levels. From the XBox community.

Second, he defends his own staff from the XBox community.

Third, he contradicts himself later in the article. He compares the 360/PS3 to Dreamcast/PS2. But then explains how Gears of War blows him away graphically. How it looks like E32005 Killzone in real time gameplay.

This was a suddle slap in the face to the XBox fanboys that flood his email and message boards with hatemail.

If you are going to make bold comments about the hardware of the systems, then back it up!

Tell me what hardware specs make you come to the conclusion that the 360 is so inferior to the PS3 graphically?

The only developer he talked to was someone who is working exclusively with the PS3!

Blu-Ray doesn't make graphics any better, they just hold more room.

All I can say is that this guy better be careful with what he is saying. There is something called "conflict of interest".

Thats all I am going to leave it at!

eques judicii6358d ago

Nothing I've seen has completely wowed me at TGS from sony... a plea for help with a price drop... break ps3's, only a handful of playable games (none of which are killer apps, save resistance), and a lack-luster press conference. The only reason people think that sony won TGS was because they DIDN'T screw up too big. But if you look at what microsoft presented it was a superior press conference and superior gameplay booths (no melting consoles) and with Peter Moore's 1080p anouncement plus 50 exclusive japanese developed titles along with 25 more non-exclusive japanese developed games... plus all the new xbla arcade games?

Anyhow, this blog is ridiculous, how does he make this assurtion?

"Europe? Because Sony doesn't see Microsoft as much of a threat there. By the end of next year, Sony will be the market leader in Japan and Europe."

I mean without soccer how is ps3 going to rule europe? and with the support that the wii has in Japan, how's he say that ps3 will rule there? This blog is taking to many liberties, the games did "look" great but looks did not make the ps2 the raining champ, it was games and gameplay along with japanese developed games, and so far nothing I've read from gameplay makes get hot over ps3. Microsoft showed that they are focused on the japanese market, by compiling such a long list of japanese developing support and putting out games, like lost odessey which ff fanboys want to deny but can't, will rock ffXIII, blue dragon, trusty bell, fatal fury, lost planet, etc.. the japanese are also economical and with the bundles that microsoft announced may see the 360 as much more cost effective come dec 7th when blue dragon comes out... or next month when the demo for lost odyssey comes out.

I'm not saying that the 360 was the winner of TGS, I'm just saying that both companies had very strong outings and each had some shortcomings. To say that one was the clear victor is a little absurd.

Wotbot6358d ago

I agree completely with what you have said.