No empty boxes in Canada

Like a lot of people out there, I also have encountered broken rock band equipment. During a intense song of drumming little did i know that my bass pedal broke in half. The amount of disappointment I had was huge until I put "broken rock band bass pedal" in Google and found a huge amount of people that had encountered the same disappointment that I had gone through.

After my research was done I found that it was no problem to get returned, you could just goto EA's support site fill out the form, and an empty box would be on the way, but like everyone else there were two options. Give credit card info and they send you a new one or you can send yours back first and get a new one sent out when they recieve your broken one. Of course like most 24 year old males, if i had a credit card it would have been maxed out due to buying ea's expensive rockband so this was not an option.

Last night I sat down with the intent to see if I could get EA to maybe hook me up with a new one and let me keep my old one,like I have been hearing all over various gaming websites. Too my dismay I contacted them, with a long distance number I might add, that is probably going to cost me more then the pedal was worth. I did speak with a very nice repersentative who took all of my inofrmation and was getting ready to explain shipping details when she said she needed a credit card, I don't have one that i can use and she said they dont send empty boxes for you to return the pedal to canada. I know we might not seem like the biggest or the most important country, damn you could atleast send me an empty box. I talked to her for about 15 minutes to find out that there was absolutley no way to get a box sent to canada.

This really amazed me for the simple fact that i was 100% confident that i was going to get the problem solved and possibly a new pedal for free and keep my old one.

Just wandering if anyone else has encounterred this and if so email ea and give them a piece of your mind.

A true Canadian, eh?
Mark Bollivar

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TheDarkHado4382d ago

Wow, Canadians getting treated like a red headed stepchild yet again. Good thing my rock band works perfect. At least for now.

HB-Sauce4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

This is why I am holding off on this game until the second mold of the instruments come out or the problems have significantly decreased.

Edit: Wait, this only applies if you don't have a credit card and choose the box first method?

TheDarkHado4382d ago

Oh and EA (Shakes fist in anger and Glares)

Torch4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

I'll simply cut & paste my previous post regarding this matter:

As far as the empty box issue is concerned, EA's support website clearly stated that packaging for return will be included with the replacement equipment, and that a credit card would be required only so that they can secure shipments outside the US- and that doing so would assure "two day air mail rush delivery."

If they think that I'm going to bend over backwards, or pay additional money to return their crapware, they've got another thing coming.

By the way: I'm STILL waiting after two weeks of putting in the first RMA request...with no customer service response in sight.

(Effin' EA!)

gogators4382d ago

just go to Ebay and search for rock band metal pedal, you should get to an auction selling alluminum plates that can be either screwed or glued to your broken pedal as I have already done. There is even a graphite pedal, if that's more your style. The alluminum pedal was 15 bucks and after using epoxy, the base pedal isn't breaking ever again.

ScottEFresh4382d ago

This is precisely why I havn't bought this game yet. There are stickers right on brand new ones in store that say something like "IF you have problems with Rock Band equipment DO NOT return to store, contact EA"