Top 5 Worst Console Game Controllers of All-Time

Top 5 worst video game controllers of all time. Does not include 3rd party controllers or accessories.

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StrongMan3368d ago

They were all terrible. The Xbox 360 controller got a little better but the left analog stick is still in the improper place, though.

ChunkyLover533368d ago

Many people consider the Xbox 360 controller to be the best controller around today. Its more then perfect for shooters and just about every other type of game.

People complained about the Duke on the original Xbox, but I loved it and still own two.

Don't see how you can like or dislike a controller you've never owned though.

Hicken3367d ago

Never owned an Xbox(either one). Love the Duke, hate the 360 pad.

ScubaSteve13368d ago

im surprise the nintendo glove didnt make this. you have to enter the code every time

Qrphe3368d ago

The Atari 5200 controller IS one of the worst ones.
The N64 controller was oddly-shaped and had awkward face buttons.
I know it doesn't count but using the Wii mote as a standard two-handed controller was one of the worst experiences this gen.

I know the 360 controller is praised for its ergonomics but imo the GC one had a better grip.

nerdkiller3368d ago

as dumb as the n64 control was nintendo first partys were perfect for it only nintendo knows how to use what they got to this day they nly know how to use there consoles

Relientk773368d ago

Yea not really a fan of any of those controllers

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The story is too old to be commented.