SoulCalibur 5 sold less than its main predecessor

SoulCalibur 5 sold 1.38 million copies as of June 30, according to publisher Namco Bandai's first quarter report. That's roughly one million less than SoulCalibur 4.

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Lord_Sloth2318d ago

It had less content. It's like fighting games are tossing an online mode in the games and calling it a day.

I wanted Chronicles of the Sword mode to return too...

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2318d ago

Agree. It's funny because soul calibur did have more content in previous titles.
Still I think most fighting game devs should look at Mortal Kombat 2011 as an example of what is a respectable amount of content. More content is always better and lots of fighting games this gen has been lacking.

Redempteur2318d ago

SOUL 4 sold thanks to star wars even it was a bad game

Lucretia2318d ago

its true, it was only because of the star wars characters.

sc5 gameplay is far better as is the character creation.

but namco got greedy and didnt give project soul the 2 months more they asked for.

project soul said the story is only 25% of what it was supposed to be, that they have other scenes already animated without voices, some with voices, some scenes with no animation and just voices, other characters who were going to make it into the game like Cassandra who used a long sword style instead of a short sword and shield. Bangoo

and well yeah the game wasnt allowed to be finished which really sucks. cuz i think gameplay wise it may be the best SC to date

jetlian2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

SC4 was a better game! this game was like a 6/10.

best in the series is soul edge and maybe soul calibur 1. Everything after and it was down hill. One problem is none of the characters feel different since sc2.

And when looking at DOA5 it too looks like they havent added any new moves. Whats going on in japan. MK should never be counted in a fighting game convo. Its a wack series

Baka-akaB2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

no way and funny you'd say that . SC5 actually harken back a bit to Soul edge roots .

SC4 was and remain the absolute worse Soul game . It was broken beyond belief , had a few tech issues , an abysmal network only worse in Tekken 6 and kof 12 .

Worse of all it dared break the game for the sake of guests

When there is actually a problem in SCV it is actually patched

" One problem is none of the characters feel different since sc2. "

Says you , and that kind of silly generalisation would easily apply to any fighting game serie .
Tears of rage and joy amidst the players and forums beg to differ .

the serie's poster boys Nightmare and Siegfried changed far much throught the years than any Ryu or Kyo .

And the next gen of chars allowed for deeper changes to the styles of those replaced .

Anyway the gamle was never going to outsell SC4 with its massive starwars extravangaza .

But it is more successful amidst the fighting game community .
No one used to care about SCIV in tournament save a few die hard fans , given how crappy it was , a few months after release .

Meanwhile SCV is played a lot , displayed at evo , and still quite hype .

It's not without issues , tied to the game being rushed ... but most of those arent tied to the core gameplay wich is good . Easily the best SC since 2 .

Redempteur2318d ago

Soul 4 had problems all around , from content, character balance, force characters overpowered , useless critical finish , lack of modes , lack of levels

"And when looking at DOA5 it too looks like they havent added any new moves"
What ?
have you watched the numerous vids they put online ?

jetlian2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

yea I have looked at DOA5 vids and im seeing the same combos from doa2-3 Its like when I saw vF/TK footage I can clearly spot new moves in these 2 I wasnt really seeing it.

How did SC5 go back to its roots when you have a power meter lol? I remember in first 2 games you had multi endings quest modes and what not. the story mode in this game was wack both pyrraa and patroklos sucked. they have some poor range.

One of my other problems with this series in general is all the big long weapons have attack speeds of small swords and more damage to boot. sieg/night had way too much speed and then they imposed meter on parry.

armor breaks in 4 forced fighting and parry but thats gone now. character are missing this time around. And I like the guest characters well never played with vader but the unleashed dude was fun

Redempteur2318d ago

And with this comment jetlian i know where lies the problem have poor taste.

not to be rude , but first the apprentice was broken can take a fighter game seriously that has so many broken characters in his roster ...
The parry system was so easy it discouraged people that were on offensive ..(in a fighting game ..what a sacrilege )..

the root of soul calibur are in soul edge ..

pyrrah and patroklos have poor range ? Not sure we've played the same game... in fact i'm sure you didn't play SC5 much.

Critical finishes in SC4 were a joke ..a useless mecanic , unneeded for soul calibur games..and that's why it was rapidly considered useless by those playing ...

jetlian2317d ago

did I say CF were useful? I didnt even mention them but if you did land them they were cool to look at.

Thats why you have throws and lows. to force people to guess. All fighting games based on guessing where your opponent going to go.

The siblings clearly dont have the reach of a sieg or nightmare and saying they do is foolish.they dont have speed to make up for their lack of reach.

And with parry being on meter it puts you in disadvantage way to often. apprentice maybe broken but to me he was never a hard fight. his meter tied him down as far as I could tell

Baka-akaB2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Everyone got at least one move , usually a pretty useful one with free parry to begin with .

And imo parry should comes with a drawback anyway , or else it's too easy .

As for the twins , yeah they arent the best characters for range battle , but they do in fact make up for it in speed and safe moves . Especially against Siegfried who has never been slower and unsafe to use .

Patroklos got even an auto GI that lunge hyper fast and cover much ground . Hell his safest moves are about making up the distance .

As for the apprentice i dont even see the point of discussing him . he was utterly broen and abused online , but weak compared to the even more Broken Darth Vader . Besides Star wars chars despite that werent even the true problem .

Regular cast had massive imbalances too . To the point Hilde was even banned from the few remaining major tourneys .

Now she is fine and not even killed and nerfed to oblivion . And the deemed strongest chars of SCV are actually patched and not even wrecking as much havoc as tiers would usually in SoulCalibur . If anything a Tira frickin' won Evo and confirmed her strength at SBO

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pompombrum2318d ago

Because SC4 was rubbish drove away fans from SC5? 1.38m copies is hardly bad for a fighting game anyway. Go make SC6 like SC2 and promote it right and it'll easily outsell SC5.

Ck1x2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

They need to reinvent this series again! Its still pound for pound one of the best fighting franchises around this gen. But after the HD jump nothing more significant has even been added at all... And yes I agree that SCII was probably the best in the series so far as well

Lucretia2318d ago

i really didnt like SC2. or 1, or soul edge. it took SC3 to make me like the game.

honestly i think people only liked 2 because it had link.

12345bnm2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

*Played SC2 for a million hours.
*Didn't play SC3 that much.
*Played SC4 much less than SC3.
*Wasn't interested in the slightest in SC5.
If that's not a downward spiral, i don't know what is.

TheMasterShake2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

*Played SC2 for millions of hours also
*never played SC3 once
*bought IV and it was highly disappointing
*bought V and it was okay, online was very good considering all the other fighting games have shit online never lagged once on SCV. thing that relly hurt it was the lack of modes

tbh if they just remade SC2 i would seriously buy that. best Soul game though both soul edge and SC were very good too.

WeskerChildReborned2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I loved the Soul Calibur series from 2-3 but i ended up losing interest around when 4 came out. I hope when and if they make a sequel, that they bring something that will make me interested once again.

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