DC Comics May Finally Have a Good Justice League Game on iOS

Triverse writes, "DC Comics have a very wild hit or miss track record with gamers over the last 20 years or so, some hits (mostly Batman releases) and quite a few misses (some so bad they didn’t even make it to release). Perseverence is something developers have with this comic license though and it seems there is a line to develop games based on comic IP’s owned by Detective Comics..."

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2319d ago
oldfriend862319d ago

Not really into iOS games, especially ones that have a lot of buttons. They often become unresponsive, which is critical in gaming. I also have large hands, so my thumbs covering the majority of the screen, is not pleasing.

Also, it looks like Xmen Legends.

triverse2319d ago

I agree with you oldfriend86, I can't play many iOS games like this that are button heavy, especially on an iPod Touch/iPhone.

I was reminded of Marvel's Ultimate Alliance since that is the closest game I remember playing like this- could be off though since I haven't played this Justice League game yet.