WorthPlaying Previews Commanders: Attack of the Genos

Via WorthPlaying:

"When you think about it, Xbox Live Arcade is really amazing. It offers countless titles ranging from classics like Contra and Pac-Man to brand-new titles like Geometry Wars and Feeding Frenzy. While most of these games are quite fun, though, there is a certain lack of depth to them. They're mostly twitch-style games that one can play for five minutes or so, but nothing you can really sink your teeth into, barring the occasional Band of Bugs. Luckily, Xbox Live Arcade players who are looking for something a bit meatier won't have to wait much longer, as Southend Interactive and Sierra Online team up to satisfy eager gamers with Commanders: Attack of the Genos."

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LJWooly4380d ago

Looks pretty cool, should be well worth the buy.