Racism in gaming is no laughing matter

Over the past few months gamers have been noticing an ever-increasing amount of racism and ethic slurs in games such as COD4 and Halo 3. It's getting to the point where you can't even say hi to people in a lobby without being berated by so called "gamers" for your accent. And it doesn't stop there. People are reporting that they are being given bad feedback or having complaints filed against them by gamers in lobbies based on the simple fact that they are from a particular country...

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FirstknighT4381d ago

It's a cruel cruel world.

Coffin874381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

one thing: do you americans even NOTICE that racism isn't really a problem anywhere else in the world?? (i'm not saying general hatred isn't one.)
okay, here in europe we have the problem of violence-prone eastern-europeans and africans who want to join the EU, but..

it's starting to piss the world off. nobody here in europe has ANYTHING against black people.

go play san andreas ...

P4KY B4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

..that in the UK we are ashamed to fly our own flag because the left wing social engineers call it racist.

I like the pride that Americans show in their flag.

PirateThom4381d ago

Without getting too much into it, the flag is just a piece of cloth. People get to caught up in the "flag" than the ideals the flag is supposed to represent.

SEMINOLE4381d ago

That comment right there is racist, and I can't count how many times I have heard that quote followed by a LOT of slander and trash talk. Its NOT just the Americans fellas. Or I hear, "Hey you F'n Yanks........blah blah blah......."

Look, say what you want, but the majority of the OVER 25 American crowd is a good group of guys/gals. Sure we have the exceptions, but all these teens and post teens that have yet to grow up ruin it for all of us.

I have been flamed for being American without even saying a word other than talking to my team mates about what is going on in the map. Do I say anything back.....not usually, but sometimes I can only take so much of the English bashing the Americans and the country I love. Am I proud of what we have done? NO! But don't F'ing bash me for mistakes I have no control of!!!

roybatty4381d ago

No racism in Europe my @ss. Tell that to the black English players that got constantly booed and had monkey chants directed at them in a game against Spain, in Spain. That's just one case for you to chew on.
Before you go on your predictable anti American BS high horse, get some real facts d1ckhead.
And I'm English so suck my balls.

4381d ago
WilliamRLBaker4381d ago

No coffin its just in other countries STATUS is a source of hatred...if your rich or smart you hate on those not rich or smart.

India has many social casts and the upper classes hate and look down upon the lower class its the same for the UK...ect

so yes racism is only a problem in america *Rolls eyes*

JsonHenry4381d ago

bwuahahahahahahahaha!! Coffin you made me laugh so hard my sides hurt man! : )

Racism in games is called TRASH TALKING. I don't think very much of it is actually racism even though the comments may be racist in nature. I personally am not overly racist/sexist towards anyone or anything. But I do love to trash talk and get under other peoples skin when competing against them online... : )

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predator4381d ago

sooner they kick out this rubbish the better. i hate racists with a passion. and if i ever hear anything like that on LIVE i always report and lay it in them to. dirty scumbags

BLUR1114381d ago

i agree deeply dude, its retarded we are all human we have flaws. I feel though it happens cuz ppl overseas get to have comnication with ppl they dont know from differnt culture's. anyway cod is the worst game for racist cuz its civil war

ravinash4381d ago

My flatmate went into a game on COD4 on PSN the other week and there were a bunch of teenagers mouthing off as they always do.
He was fine with it, as it made it feel all the more sweeter when he swept the floor with their brains.

THC CELL4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

whats with the Uk flag man its the Americans that are resist
if there is a kick off now
i will bet u 90% are American

Its funny i was dissed Play halo
and call of duty 4

And to people who say that on ps3
man i find it hard to get a English games

Jo0j4381d ago

...your statement is racist. I'm surprised you didn't throw a "yank" or two in there. cheers.

Mycococo4380d ago

your frucking right! i am deffinatly one of them. i dont give bad feedback or anything like that but if i start getting pwned the slurs just fly and when i start pwning the slurs just fly. if i am doing mediocre i am pretty quite and will hold conversations. i am not racist but because you cant see my face i will say what i want. people should stop crying and mute the persone or join in. i think the people who are complaining are the people who dont know how to talk sheeit back and to them i tell you that xbox live is a good place to learn. lol. the realness!

xiv4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

the need to get people to sit in the lobbies and soon as they see racism they should.

band there asses!!!