Console XP: Deadlight Review

Shahrukh Alam wrote: "The story of the Deadlight is not mind-blowing nor that much of an impressive one however, it’s just good enough for a gamer to keep moving on for the next checkpoint and eventually complete it. It’s set in 1986 Seattle, and the world is suffering from the plague that’s turning humans into Shadows (it’s zombies for The Deadlight), you play as Randall who is searching for his family while surviving the Shadow Outbreak. Other than that, humans are also killing each other, why and for what reasons? It’s for you to find out. Furthermore, the cut scenes here are done through graphic sketches and are done really well as compared to those dull ones done in Soul Calibur V. However, it should be noted that the campaign can be completed in about more or less than 5 hours depending upon an individual’s puzzle solving capabilities, and its length is one of the minor drawbacks here."

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