Microsoft: No Comment on EB Australia Fiasco

Kotaku au writes:

Microsoft has gotten back to us regarding the rumour we posted earlier today that suggests EB Games Australia may have $10 million worth of busted 360s that it can't sell, and the manufacturer is unwilling to compensate it for.

You might be a bit disappointed by the reply:

We're not going to comment on this.

Luke Plunkett for Kotaku US was kind enough to buzz all the EBs in Canberra, and like me, he got the same "out of stock" line for the Xbox 360 Premium.

Should Microsoft pick up the bill for the damage its apparently poor QA has wrought, or has EB Games dug itself a massive hole for issuing the recall itself mid-last year? Let us know.

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power of Green 4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

I wouldn't wan't to be pushed around by some 2-bit media joke(kotaku) either. If any of its true its not something that could be talked about even if parts of the issue is true.

Kotaku has an anti MSFT vibe to it anyways.

Site has a new fancy face lift but nothings changed.

sonarus4380d ago

Since when did kotaku have an anti msoft vibe? The bottom line is microsoft messed up the 360 and its faulty. They set out 1 billion to fix the problem all they need to do is set out 10 million more. At the end of the day they will probably have to pay no need dragging this too long. I am going tired of xbox rrod news. Msoft has done a magnificent job of containing the issue though since most people remain unaware of the failure rates

power of Green 4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

Let it go, let people believe what they wan't. I see you chased down other members that thinks its bull in the other zone, do not reply to me man.

If this is real MSFT would lose billions for only 10 million?.

Please do not reply to me, ever!.

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goldenzealot4380d ago

this is just made up crap planted by a ps3 fanboy

sonarus4380d ago

nice to that lame fanboys finally have their place

chanto234380d ago

but 25-35 thousand xboxes, that i dont 5000-10000 is more believable....

GEV1L4380d ago

/I really hope this is true. EB does not seem to be capapble of training its empployees to do anything other than shill the used games on people. Less than a month ago . My x360 started having problem readings discs. When I wentt to return it ( on number three now) I found out the moron working the counter had scanned the serial number of my last warranty return as the new one. So now I was left sitting there with a warranty that was only good for a console that I had already returned almost a year ago, and a half broken 360. Needless to say i freaked so I can say I am very happy that karma is working overtime to screw EB and I hope they go out of business.

Eldyraen4380d ago -- Link to EB AU's website... unless I'm mistaken that's a link to 360 console right there on their site (well just checked Kotaku's site and he updated that part atleast). Also, if you check 'store availability' its only like 3 regions that are sold out and all others are in stock. Personally I'd take that as simply needing more to arrive than EB no longer selling them... but that's just me.

Not that it matters really, I don't live there so it doesn't affect me. Still, if it is true then guess its good for the PS3... but I don't take second hand accounts from 'anonymous' sources too seriously 90% of the time.

Also... why would a store do the recall on their own without first getting backing from the product's manufacturer? Might be good 'business' in terms of PR but wouldn't expect the manufacturer to be liable for the retailer's decision to do so (which seems to be the case... read up on this and related topics a little).

power of Green 4380d ago

Kotaku's goal amung others.

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The story is too old to be commented.