100° Reveals Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune Xbox 360 Games today revealed that 2 of TV's most popular game shows are headed to the Xbox 360. According to the listings, both Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are headed to the Xbox 360, and might even be released as soon as October 16, 2012, if the dates are to be believed.

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Belking2269d ago

Cool! I may jut pick this up.

ChunkyLover532269d ago

Sweet! Wonder if this might be like 1 vs 100? I loved that game.

noxeven2269d ago

God id love if it was like 1 vs 100 was so ticked when that was removed

ddelella2269d ago

I remember what happended to Family Feud and Price is Right so these best be done by a real game studio who won't f*** them up

guitarded772269d ago

The most interesting part is both Wheel and Jeopardy are Sony Pictures franchises. I guess there's no hate when both Sony and MS are making money.

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