When Did Animal Crossing Turn into Silent Hill?

Animal Crossing may seem like it's all cuteness and sunshine, but conspiracies run deep in this terrifying game.

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JoshEngen2265d ago

Those letters from mom were always the creepiest part for me. My real mom is only nice when she's hiding something.

Also, my family life might be screwed up.

r212265d ago

man i love looking up weird creepy findings in games :D btw, nice finding, dont know if its true though.

Jio2265d ago

Games that are unintentionally creepy are the scariest.

The music in the endless stairs, or the man-eating piano from Mario?

Conker in Banjo Kazooie?

Deadhand from Zelda?

They haunted my childhood...*shudders*

JoshEngen2265d ago

Whoa. I forgot about Deadhand. You're totally right.

synchroscheme2265d ago

Could be that the real reason for your character to visit the small town in animal crossing was because he felt guilty for murdering his terminally ill wife.

While he was there he decided to collect furniture and dig up fossils.

hop3lessfray2265d ago

Don't forget about the ghost that would haunt your town in the original late at night.