10 Awesome Stealth Games You Should Know About

Complex writes: With the resurgence of Sam Fisher in recent years with Splinter Cell: Conviction and now E3 2012's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, we're a little antsy to see a few other stealth titles return to the spotlight. Why let Fisher have all the fun, right? Michael Ironside's a busy guy, anyway, and there are tons of other entries in the genre we'd love to see more of. So keep the Splinter hype train rolling, but bear these greats in mind too, devs!

attilayavuzer4365d ago

"click here to start story"

lol click here to exit...

TheLaughingMan4365d ago

10 stealth games I don't ever want to play.


Syphon Filter Trophy Guide

This is a very simple list to complete. There are no collectibles. Most of everything here is story related with a couple miscellaneous Trophies thrown in. Nothing here can be missed as there is a really helpful rewind feature as well as mission select.

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Majin-vegeta781d ago

No beating the game with only the taser.I am outraged 😤

SoulWarrior781d ago

No trophy for tasering an enemy to flames, equally disappointed lol

TheLordOfStuff781d ago

Damn, little sadistic me was always doing that lol

phoenixwing781d ago

I loved the taser in that game it was so fun to use

badz149781d ago

what a time to be alive to be able to see this game finally gets trophy support

SonyStyled780d ago

I feel like this comments section helps distinguish the PS ‘old’ fans from the ‘new.’

SNES was my first console, Christmas morning heaven.

I’ve never played SF but I can understand the delight for trophy support 20 years after.

TheColbertinator780d ago

No taser trophies is a lost good idea. Bzzzztttt


The Battle for Backwards Compatibility: PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X|S

A new battleground is heating up in the modern era: backwards compatibility. Sony and Microsoft have different angles, but which is better?

Eonjay786d ago

These are different companies with different eco systems. They will pick the approach that best suits them and the games in their catalog which are also vastly different.

Silly gameAr786d ago

Nothing will ever be as good as the phat PS3 model. Since sites like to compare things all the time, compare the older systems to the newer systems when it comes to BC. I'm sure you'll find the newer systems lacking.

lonewolf10785d ago

Shame they removed the hardware emulation pretty rapidly from the PS3.

Eidolon785d ago

Wasn't it at revision one? lol

785d ago
Silly gameAr785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Had to get those cost down to make it cheaper. Since people weren't too into BC back then, that was the first to go. Shame indeed.

3 gens of playstation games, and you could use your PS1 and PS2 disk. No limited emulation. The PS3 was ahead of it's time. The way people LOVE BC today, the PS3 would have killed in 2022.

Orchard784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

@Silly It wasn’t that people weren’t into back compat, it’s that they weren’t into $599 consoles that arrived a year later than and ran a lot of games worse than the cheaper competitor console.

Price is always #1.

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Profchaos785d ago

Unfortunately I've only got the slim I do really want to find a far model

Eidolon785d ago

Just get a PS2............ Maybe if you're collecting, though.

Eidolon785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

The Phat models, especially the original were prone to overheating, no way at this time you could get one where you could use it for PS2 AND heavy PS3 gaming(which would cause it to malfunction at some point).. It's just a novelty now. So, why... ? Only collection/hobby, and definitely not practicality.

Retroman785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Try Amazon
Fat 60gb ps3

Profchaos785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

@Eidolon I've actually got an original PS2 but I don't have a crt to play it on. Upscaling to a 4k tv doesn't look great and I've tried component cables and such but nothing has really worked for me.
I would happily pay for a ossc or a framemister but apparently those are not that great for PS2.

I basically want the fat PS3 purely for PS2 BC on HD TVs

Eidolon784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Component cables worked great for me, I do have one of the slim ps2 models, though. You can grab a cheap crt but shipping will be expensive and their brightness degrades. Nothing will beat playing PS2 on a CRT. Even upscaled PC emulation just exposes the age. Wish some technology like CRT could co exist with LCD and OLED, but for retro gaming.. and shit.. maybe could make older more recent gen games look decent again.

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ApocalypseShadow785d ago

Modern gaming journalism. Creates division so that they have something to talk about in the time between new games.

PS2 BC wasn't finicky. It played nearly every game in PS1's catalog. The list was almost negligible. PS3 almost played all the games from PS1 and PS2 until the removal of full BC. But Sony showed you can sell over 100 million PS4 consoles WITHOUT it if you provide a smattering of new games. Microsoft showed you can't sell 100 million consoles WITH it if you don't provide enough new games for a new console.

Xbox is said to lead the way but if we were to count the total amount of BC games for each console, it's near the same amount. Microsoft doesn't play all its previous games as Sony doesn't. Just offering different selections.

New games for new consoles still matter and should always be the priority. BC is fine but should be secondary to providing new games. There isn't any new battleground. If a strategy is to look to the past for games already played or purchased for new consoles, you're looking in the wrong direction. It would be the same with subscriptions. You don't watch Netflix to watch old shows you already watched even if they were good. You look to watch NEW shows you haven't watched.

I know some love trophy or achievement hunting. But that's not enough for me. Only if the games looked better, moves better and played with better controls. Going back to some these games with bad camera angles and tank controls to get a trophy doesn't sound fun to me. But that's just me. Some might. But I hope it's because a game was fun.

gangsta_red785d ago

"You don't watch Netflix to watch old shows you already watched even if they were good. You look to watch NEW shows you haven't watched."

What a horrible take. There are shows on Netflix that are old that I never watched that are still very good. The 4400 and Peaky Blinders are just a couple that I recently discovered on Netflix. There's a reason old movies are reformated and put on new media. Because there's always a generation that wants to watch something that could be considered timeless.

The same can be said with many games that people never played in the past that they have always been told were good. A new console should be able to not only play new games but also have the ability to play classics.

Also...Absolutely no one is saying that new games don't matter or that BC is necessary to win the console war. I feel this over exaggerated narrative keeps being brought up because of how long certain people downplayed gamers wanting a way to play their old games and Sony not providing a means to do it, even when they had emulators available.

Sony even went as far as releasing their own study saying that less than 3% (or something) hardly used BC. And Jim Ryan even laughed at older games saying asking why would anyone play them. But as usual with companies that don't have the same features as the competition they go into PR cover mode until they're up to speed. As you can see BC is now the talk of the town again.

Sony is using past games to bolster their library for their higher tier sub service. And it looks like they're adding a few additions to some of them like trophy support and multiplayer. This is a good thing. If there's any criticism to be made it's the fact that Sony is pushing old games to get people to subscribe to it's highest tier.

Atom666785d ago

Yeah, that was a weird rant. I still watch Seinfeld on Netflix to this day.

785d ago
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Aloymetal785d ago

Cool, now we need a new article called...''The battle for new and great Ip's''...

785d ago

Syphon Filter will include Trophies when it arrives on PS Plus