Lollipop Chainsaw Review (EmptyLifeBar)

"Japan definitely tends to put out the stranger titles, its a wonder that some of them make it over seas to North America and Lollipop Chainsaw no doubt falls under the category of strange. From the minds of Suda51 and famed filmmaker James Gunn comes a zombie game unlike any other. You play as a cheerleader named Juliet Starling that attends San Romero High School and seems to be just like any other girl. However, her family is actually a family of Zombie Hunters. On the way to school on her 18th birthday, all hell breaks loose and a true zombie apocalypse begins." - Nick Gearhart, EmptyLifeBar

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ViktorZangiev2266d ago

Might have to check it out! Surprised that it's not utter crap.