Dark Sector - Some New Screens

Dark Sector is a new and original next-gen action-thriller, developed by Digital Extreme. It's a dark, gritty experience packed with fast action, incredible superpowers and an engaging story.

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DEADEND4383d ago

This game will be a sleeper hit, I can't wait to get this on day one. I know it will get good reviews, it won't gt 10's but it will get 8.5's or 9's and that's enough to get me to buy it.

ravinash4383d ago

this game looks like its come a long way since the first lot of screen shots I saw for this.
At the start it was looking like any other shooter, but now it looks like its developing its own feel....might actually be worth playing.

kewlkat0074383d ago

I think lots have forgotten about this game.