Terrorism to thank for CoD4 Sales

Following the annoncement that Call of Duty 4 was the biggest selling game of 2007, gameplayer have analyzed what has led to its success, suggesting that that move away from WWII was well timed.

"CoD 4 is all about killing Russians and shady Middle Eastern terrorists. It breaks out of the mass media's politically correct blind spot."

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Interpol Agent4381d ago

This aint nothing but true.

JsonHenry4381d ago

Terrorism had absolutely NOTHING to do with the reason I bought the game. The excellent demo and gameplay is why I bought the game.

Hitman_Legend4381d ago

Don't bring political bullshit into the success of this game. In no way when i have played have I gone "whoo score one for the US take that russians and middle easterns". No one should be proud because they think their making a difference by playing a video game. People play Call of Duty 4 because it's a great game, not because they think they can experience what the war is like, or at least I sure as hell don't.


Man, another article saying that Call Of Duty 4 sold more than any game... I call bullshit! Maybe it sold so well in so little time, but than say it rightly! I believe that the best selling game of 2007 must be some bundled Wii game... Wii ***** (put the crap you want here).

SlappingOysters4381d ago

that Wii Play did really well, but being one format held it, and other games like Halo 3 from top spot I guess.

Personally I would have thought something lame like The Simpsons Game or a random unpronounceable south Korean game would have come out on top.

INehalemEXI4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Wii Wii Sports - 17,850,000 Wii Play - 9,230,000

Nintendogs ds beat wii sports 17,790,000

source ->

lately I enjoy Warhawk ,ut3,crysis and Cod4 played some Halo for a few months too. Replays DMC4 demo alot too.

It was about time they did something other then WWII but why go back to WWII for cod5 sheesh....

solar4381d ago

i still dont know why ppl like CoD:4 so much. its average gameplay at best. i found nothing "great" about it.

mistertwoturbo4381d ago

Because you can be as tactical as you want in tactical mode, or go all out in free-for-all. it's the multiplayer. and what do you mean "average" gameplay? compared to what?

the explosions, the sounds, the weapons, everything is exciting. the graphics are top-tier (despoite being 600p resolution.) it's also equally impressive on the 360 or PS3, and even more so on PC.

gogators4381d ago

nothing average about it. Even the single player campaign, though short, is still well done.

solar4381d ago

lets see.

1) camp in one spot, kill a bunch of ppl, you get to call in an air strike.
2) random spawn spots.
3) no vehicles, and dont call that helicopter a vehicle.
4) that stupid "prone" block where you cant turn around.
5) no recoil on the weapons.
6) that grenade marker where a grenade is above you, freaking you out when its nowhere near you.
7) no squads...wth no squads?!

thats all i can think of right now. BF series > CoD series

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The story is too old to be commented.