BlazBlue Series Reaches 1.7 Million Sold Worldwide

Aksys are in the process of celebrating BlazBlue’s third-year anniversary in North America, and as part of the celebration, they’re kicking off a trio of contests from August through October.

Additionally, Aksys also revealed North American and worldwide sales for the BlazBlue series. Since their 2009 release on consoles, the BlazBlue games have sold over 800,000 copies in the U.S. and 1.7 million copies worldwide.

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Rainstorm812319d ago

That seems kind of low....Blaz blue is good game too

DivineAssault 2319d ago

Ya it does but considering that the production value is far less than photorealistic games like uncharted, they profited off such low sales... I love arc system works.. They have some great ideas & characters for fighting games.. I wish there were more hand drawn games these days

GillHarrison2319d ago

Love it, but stop giving us re-releases of the same game. Time for a true sequel.