Shelf Life: Trapt

GDiNews:"In a series of opinion articles from Triscy of GDiNews, he ventures off in search of odd games he's never heard of before. Covering both childhood memories and current-gen console pick-ups, Triscy discusses those games that generally pass under the radar. This is Shelf Life: Trapt."

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Snookies122267d ago

Trapt was an amazing game... So original, and it made you feel great when a setup worked out flawlessly.

Dark_Overlord2267d ago

Totally agree, only problem with the game is that it was far too easy :)

Triscy2267d ago

Yea; I do agree that the game is sort of easy. The times I die are the times I screw up, though, and that makes it more humorous and also more rewarding instead of "INSERT YOU DIED FROM BLAFAFGADSGDSAGDSF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND"

I remember one time when I was younger(and probably shouldn't've owned a game at the age) I activated the Man-Eating Music Box on myself. XD That was fun.

Triscy2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I always loved it when a setup of my simple traps resulted in an insta-death combo. Pendulum -> Guilty Lance or Bear Trap -> Giant Burning Ball rolling down a staircase are simple but oh so satisfying!

Triscy2267d ago

It'd be brilliant if this article could get on the front page! 2 more approvals and it could happen.

It's always great when I can get feedback.

JellyJelly2267d ago

I've played this series since the first Kagero game. Deception 3: Dark Delusion for PS1 is still my favourite. One of my most beloved series. Bring it back Tecmo!

r212267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

i havent played the game but i kept hearing good things bout it on the net and thanks to this article, i'd really like to try it now! maybe, sony will put it on their ps2 classics list :D

just saw that footage, pretty crazy. might freak kids out...

Snookies122266d ago

Totally worth playing! I've been hoping they put it as a PS2 classic for a while now... Come on Sony, it's hard to find this game these days!

r212266d ago

just gotta keep hoping they put it up ;D