Unigine Engine - Renderer Features 2012

DSOGaming writes: "Unigine Corporation has released a new video that showcases some of the features from the latest version of its in-house engine. Unigine Engine now sports Bokeh DOF, Material blending, volumetric clouds with full dynamic day-night cycle, Correct sorting of transparent objects, time-controlled lighting, and transparency reflection and refraction. Enjoy the video."

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ATi_Elite2270d ago


Be better if Pubs/Devs would make a good game with this Engine!

john22270d ago

Seriously, it's just sad that no devs are taking advantage of it

aCasualGamer2270d ago

Why aren't devs all over this?

I want this engine in the videogames i buy. I don't want to see every single EA game in the Battlefield 3 engine, just as i don't want every single third person shooter in Unreal Engine.

Ninjamonkey822270d ago

it just for benching hardware.

chukamachine2270d ago

Maybe the reason it's not being used is because, it either takes too much power to do those things atm, or just like 3dmark. They are just using for benchmarks.

Some of that looked awesome.