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Dealspwn: "Part of the issue with Deadlight is that it just has too many competitors who've lit up the 2D side-scrolling genre before. The platforming is just too slapdash and inaccurate to survive in a pool that boasts Shadow Complex and Mirror's Edge 2D amongst its biggest fish. Though the feeling of sprinting at pace along rooftops and smashing through windows is nice, it's nothing you can't get for under a quid should you pick up the fiendishly addictive Canabalt. Even Tequila Works themselves seem to realise that the game of cat-and-mouse with the undead might prove repetitive, but instead of shaking up the gameplay elements or the narrative, you're forced into a series of subterranean puzzle chambers. This would be fine if the puzzles weren't so immediately obvious, and actually taxed the brain."

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