Free to Play A Viable Business Model

"Lately, it seems like more and more developers are turning to the free-to-play or partially free-to-play model in order to maintain player bases and hopefully gain revenue. Even Bioware’s once-wildly popular MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic will soon be getting the free-to-play treatment, as announced yesterday. Is this tactic viable for struggling MMOs (in other words, all MMOs without Warcraft in their name)?" -Trevor from

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AztecFalcon2362d ago

Pay to play MMO's will be gone by next year. Only ones left around will be WoW and maybe one or two others but all new MMO releases in 2013 will be f2p.

rdgneoz32361d ago

Probably not all will be f2p, with some being more like GW2 style of pay once and no subscription. Hopefully none become pay to win.