Bitmob: The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Review

This is a Bitmob review for The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition

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WeskerChildReborned3180d ago

Would be cool if Witcher 2 came to PS3 but yea, still looks like an awesome game.

ddurand13180d ago

this is one of the 2-3 xbox exclusives i want on ps3.

WeskerChildReborned3180d ago

Yea, the exclusives i would like would be L4D, this, and Halo but yea.

DarkBlood3180d ago

i think we are getting the first one on ps3 but i read that a while ago it was probably a rumour.

theres aways the steam version for ten dollars , just crank down a few alot of settings if your pc cant handle it then you will be good to go

Siren303180d ago

Always goto bring up the ps3?

ddurand13180d ago

whats wrong with wanting a game on my console of choice? I own a ps3, I dont own a 360.

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310dodo3180d ago

Man I would love too play this
I hear its really good like a GOTY type

but alas I only have a ps3

WeskerChildReborned3180d ago

I'm in the same situation you are in :(

joab7773180d ago

I play strictly ps3, but I bought my Xbox 4 mass effect. I am glad I did because the witcher 2 is stunning. But after playing KoA & DD, I have 1 complaint. There needs to be more grinding opportunities and a less stringent leveling system. It's hard because u are a particular person so customization is strict. Other than that it's near perfect. It's gorgeous, tells a story better than bioware, and the characters are quite unique. Combat can b brutal but mastered, and the end can b a bit easy. CDs projeckt is one of my new favorite companies and I will buy anything they do day 1. Their new RPG, in stamping style looks awesome.

taquito3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

The Withcher 2 is an amazing, near perfect game, if you don't have a 360 I'd suggest you put a $75 gpu in your dual core or better pc and you'll be able to run it at a better framerate and with prettier graphics than the 360 version

or step into pc gaming full force with a sweet rig and see better visuals than next gen consoles will have

DiRtY3180d ago

for twice the money the consoles will launch and for about 3-4 years only.

And of course you will be missing quite a few exclusives.

Blizzard is basically the only PC-exclusive developer left. All the former PC only developers like Epic, iD, Valve are on consoles already.

Blizzard games are awesome though.