Mythos Interview with Max Schaefer

Mythos is the "little brother" of Hellgate: London, originally just the network playground of the developrers. As the game has evolved during Hellgate: London's development, the little Mythos-project might turn out to be the most popular game of Flagship yet. Quite a surprise for the former Blizzard-employees!

Stropp's World had the luck of catching Max Schaefer, one of the co-founders of both Blizzard North and Flagship Studios, and asked him a couple of things about this "Myhtos" project everyone is on about.

Stropp: Mythos has been in beta for quite some time now. How close are you to a release date?

Max: The Alpha/Beta period has been fairly long, as we really did use it to test features for Hellgate: London. Therefore we opened it before we might have otherwise done so, but this has allowed us get more input from our players and spend more time iterating on the design based on real data. Our release date has not been set but I can tell you it will be this year.

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Leord4381d ago

It's fun when you think about it. Mythos might actually have a better chance at becoming a steady income for Flagship than their "flagship" Hellgate: London!