Cinematic Game Trailers: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Trailer Explodes in our Face


"How good are game trailers getting these days?

With all the doom and gloom over the uninspiring sequelisation of gaming and copycatism in the shooter genre (I’m having fun with words today), one element has stood out to keep gamers interested in upcoming titles.

The game trailers...

The latest Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer is a perfect example of this new breed of high quality trailer, grabbing our attention with a blend of story, stunning visuals, and explosive sound."

gaminoz4336d ago

I really liked it. I hope it focuses on the one guy rather than a hop on hop off train ride (excuse the train link...) from one person to another.

I find that disconnects me from the story. Spec Ops did a great job of the story by keeping with one guy.

matt19914336d ago

Yea i agree. CoD does this and its so stupid.

iamnsuperman4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

I think COD needs to do it to really show the story (especially with MW3 when you have a world war going on. Not exactly plausible to have one guy do everything)

OT: I do not know about this trailer. I loved the previous MoH and to be honest it had the best single player story and campaign because it felt real (I know it was based on an actual event). This on the other hand feels they have tried to go for a more BF3/super hero direction. I get the feeling "Inspired by Actual events" means taking the Madrid bombings and making a story out of it that I feel is going to go out of control into the ridiculous realm

BadCircuit4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

While I like the live action trailers, these ones are dramatic the same way while showcasing the actual game.

I don't like those FMV trailers that don't represent the end product's quality though.

I'll be surprised if this game is as emotive as they are trying to appear. It might just be explosions and 'follow' type stuff again.

Eske4336d ago

I can't say that I'm really wowed. I mean, it's a fine trailer and all, but what about this story is supposed to pique my interest?

Seems like a fairly standard revenge/regret action movie setup. We've seen a million stories like this. And I don't see any reason to doubt that this'll be more-or-less identical to all the other modern shooters that we've been inundated with of late.

Eyesoftheraven4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

I'm more excited over the fact that the effort to make it at least a little different, a little more mature and intelligent is there; they can only improve from here, right?

Lets not forget how ridiculously hard it is to even come up with an intriguing, well crafted story, let alone implement one nicely into a video game, which in itself is a huge undertaking, even without a story.

WeskerChildReborned4336d ago

Game looks great. Hopefully it will be good.

joab7774336d ago

It could actually be quite good. Oh great...another game to buy, put on my shelf and wait til I catch up. I can't complain because everything I have played this year has been awesome, but long. It's taking me months to finish games now, and new great ones never stop coming. Oh well.

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knifefight2877d ago

Doom 2 was the one that opened me up to the genre. Still love it.

lastking952877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Halo ce
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 4
Before i liked halo
007 goldeneye
Doom 2
Crysis 3

NukaCola2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Killzone 2
Turok 2
Medal of Honor
Time Splitters
007 Agent Under Fire

robtion2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Old school would be Wolfenstein, Doom, Hexen, Duke Nukem, and Rise of the Triad.

More recently Half-Life 2, BioShock (original), Wolfenstein the new order, Timesplitters 2, Medal of Honour.

Some personal favourites Singularity, Resistance series, Killzone Series, Bulletstorm, Dishonored.

Kallisti2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Duke Nukem was a side scroller on Dos

@robition Duke Nukem wasn't a FPS 'til the 3rd one, Duke Nukem 3D

robtion2876d ago

Sure. Talking about FPS's here though.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2876d ago


robtion2876d ago

Great concept(Nectar) and fun but a bit of an iffy execution and didn't live up to its promise. I finished it at launch. Shame they didn't quite get it right.


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Stupid2932d ago

Assassin's Creed series was ruined after Black Flag, Ubisoft made it annually game. I played Dead Space 1 and 2; were awesome but Dead Space 3 failed to make gosip. As MOH Warfighter was good game

NukaCola2932d ago

Black Flag was the redeemer after 3. ACIV is my favorite of the series. Unity was bad, Syndicate is actually pretty good. So they are up and down. As for Dead Space, I thought the original was like Uncharted series. The first one was a great story and a little rough, but #2 was incredible through and through. Uncharted 3 is awesome, unfortunately DS3 was indeed a terrible terrible game. Warfighter was a good game, but aren't we all burned out on shooters???

Stupid2932d ago

That's right Assassin's Creed series had awesome games till AC Black Flag, AC III was terrible

monkeyDzoro2931d ago

I disagree on AC Black Flag. Black Flag was a good PIRATE game but a very mediocre AC.