Console XP: Darksiders II Preview

Matija Mandic wrote: " Back in 2010, fans of the action-adventure genre were pleasantly surprised by Vigil Games’ first installment in their soon-to-be franchise, Darksiders. The game combined elements of already world-famous series like God of War, Devil May Cry and Legend of Zelda, but it was too reliant on the elements of those games at a lot of times, so much that it could’ve been accused of plagiarism at one point (Because honestly, a gun that shoots blue and orange portals? Were they really that out of ideas?). However, all copycat criticism aside, Darksiders turned out to be a very lengthy and enjoyable experience, set in a very interesting world based on the events from the Biblical Apocalypse."

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showtimefolks2271d ago

watch this quick look from giantbomb plus read OP's article you will get all your answers

This could be a strong GOTY contender and one epic journey

MattyG2271d ago

Can't wait for this game! I'm probably going to try to finish the first game before this one comes out. Looks great!