PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tonight

+ Posted by Matthew Harper // Sr. Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

"It’s been a great week for gamers on the PSN. We’ve seen the addition of the anime streaming service Crunchyroll to the PS3 lineup of video apps, the highly anticipated game Sound Shapes being made available for preorder through the PSN PLAY event at a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and The Expendables 2: The Videogame releasing on the PlayStation Store now (check out the demo to get a taste of this game’s explosive four-player co-op action!)
To ensure that we can keep offering you the best online games experience, we will be performing routine maintenance on the PSN this evening (Thursday, August 2nd). This maintenance will start at approximately 12:00am midnight Pacific Time (1:00am MDT / 2:00am CDT /3:00 am EDT) and last for about two hours, ending around 2:00am PDT on Thursday, August 2nd (3:00am MDT / 4:00am CDT / 5:00am EDT). During this maintenance period you WILL be able to sign in..."

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WeskerChildReborned2321d ago

I don't mind, i'll probably be asleep.

TekoIie2321d ago

It appears that many think you will not be asleep :3

Reverent2321d ago

Of course he won't be sleeping. Pssh, who sleeps these days? Not me, no sir.

Lockon2321d ago

@Reverent I guess you dont have a job?

Reverent2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Christ, does no one understand sarcasm these days? Obviously not if you look at both Rikuson1's and my disagrees... I mean really, shouldn't you have been able to guess I WAS being sarcastic? Seriously..

WeskerChildReborned2321d ago

Or their in a different country, i won't be on probably cause i got something to do tomorrow.

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Rikuson12321d ago

ANOTHER MAINTENANCE? C'MON SONY! THIS IS WHY XBOX IS BETTER! "don't you hate those comments.." U_U

TheGOODKyle2321d ago

Yes because a company takes a few hours to keep their service operational makes their console a lesser one.

Reverent2321d ago

I think he meant that he hates comments "like" that...

BlackSharinganX2321d ago

i love how people criticized the playstation for not having much care on maintanence, it was a fail, now that it finally getting them its still a fail. come on people jesus, xbox what it does a few tweaks of 3 to 5 mb per update or maintanence, pretty much also sony has SOE has an mmo running what more can you ask these guys are throwing you games everywhere lol. be happy jesus i miss ps2 days

D3mons0ul2321d ago

But what about all the methheads out there? They won't be able to get their game on :(

BigDog552321d ago

I'm sure they sold there PS3 years ago!!

DXDA2321d ago

w/o even reading the article its down for system stability and possibly gearing up for the vita to be able to play ps1 and ps2 games. maybe? just a wild guess.