How Dark Souls Revolutionizes Death

It took a while to bolster up strength to take on the game renowned for an unbelievable amount of difficulty, Dark Souls. After previous experience with its challenging predecessor, Demon’s Souls, the author was more than hesitant to pick up Bandai’s next installment of the epic saga. But then, the descent into darkness started by purchasing it

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Panthers2421d ago

I wouldnt say it revolutionizes it as much as take it back to NES days when games were genuinely hard. Such an awesome game.

Actually I never played Dark Souls, but Demon Souls was awesome, lol.

Yi-Long2421d ago

... still not that far into it, cause I play only a few hours every couple of days, but it's been a great experience so far.

Only problem I have is that I seem to keep stabbing friendly NPC's when I put my PS3 controller down while relaxing to hear what they've got to say, and the trigger hits the mattress and my character hits the NPC, meaning he'll attack me and I'll have to kill him.

ZoyosJD2421d ago

Uhhh...maybe a little late, but i believe you can "pay for your sins" in the game after you get so far and they will stop attacking you.

I am not entirely sure, as I haven't had that problem personally.

Anyway, learning from your mistakes is the point of the game.

Yi-Long2421d ago

... but by the time I learned that, I had already killed them... ;)

2421d ago
YoungKingDoran2421d ago

that old chestnut...
i always make sure to hit start when i put the controller down near anyone important, i know you arent pausing the game, but if your hit r2 nothing damaging can happen.

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InTheLab2421d ago

Excuse you...

How Demon's Souls revolutionizes death. Nothing like a one way ticket to the Maiden after creeping around for an hour...

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2421d ago

ah Demon's Souls ,, Good times, good times. Remember ramsacking each place to find just one Stone of ephemeral eyes. There were only about 32 in the whole game @[email protected] (Not including the ones from the filthy lady)

Out of curiosity am i the only one who found these games NOT as difficult as some make em out to be? At first yes but once getting the hang of everything like the combat system, death, ephemeral eyes, i found the games pretty simple.

edgeofsins2421d ago

If it is a game that I like then I normally do very good in them, even from the start. Demons Souls and Dark Souls I started out really good on.

When it comes to games like Call of Duty I do decent but that is because I don't get into it anymore. I used to get into Modern Warfare 1 and get first or second top score in games but then it just got boring and repetitive so I started doing bad and then quit.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Same here X) I probably finished Demon Souls 4 times before it got anywhere near boring/repetetive (it does get insanely difficult though -___-). After that it was all PvP for me.

As for CoD it was exactly the same for me, BO was my first. Played it for almost 2 months straight. Got bored & now i only play zombies every once in a while. Not sure how some people manage playing only CoD for a full year LOL.

edgeofsins2420d ago

A year and then they get the new CoD that is almost the exact same thing. Lol

WeskerChildReborned2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

It basically forces death onto you cause i'm not sure if anyone has ever escaped death in Dark Souls. I know i haven't, that game is freakin hard.

Even though it's a hard game, it was enjoyable when you can get passed certain areas of the game for me. It was nice that it was a challenging game.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2420d ago

It's definitely a brutal game at first, but after getting the hang of everything it gets alot easier. It's an extremely enjoyable experience and i hope the difficulty doesn't put you off from playing it.

P.S,,, WTF!? at disagrees lol

YoungPlex2421d ago

This game is hard, if your new to the series. Anyone that played Demon's Souls, and successfully completed it, doesn't really find it that difficult. Don't get me wrong, there are some parts in the game that I had trouble with, but nothing I couldn't handle. I actually found Demon's Souls to be more of a challenge for the simple fact that if you died, you were forced to start from the beginning of the level you were in. Dark Souls has more of a Metroid-Vania style of gameplay and checkpoints; which by all means is a welcomed edition to the franchise.

Dark Souls doesn't force death upon you! In fact, I'm actually able to play and beat it with little problems. What's revolutionary about the death system, is when your logged into the server, and able to see exactly where someone else perished via a bloodstain on the ground. It also did in fact, originate on Demon's Souls.

This is quite frankly, one of the most remarkable game this generation. I'm thrilled and highly anticipating, the upcoming, "Atorias of the Abyss", DLC. I really hope that from software is working on a true sequel to Dark Souls this time around, but another spiritual successor would be fine.

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